By Michelle Guffey

Killeen Daily Herald

BELTON Bell County Commission-ers met Monday to discuss the abandonment of a portion of Reece Creek Road in southwest Killeen.

The commissioners decided to table the discussion for 30 days pending a review by the city of Killeen.

The city of Killeen issued interest in wanting to complete a study before making a determination of the need or lack of need for that road, said Precinct 4 Commissioner John Fisher.

Originally, it was thought that Reece Creek Road would be the road that would connect State Highway 195 to the new joint-use airport, but the building of Highway 201 a brand-new, four-lane highway made Reece Creek Road obsolete.

Reece Creek Road is cut off on both ends, which forces traffic onto Highway 201, which also makes it (Reece Creek Road) more secluded, which in turn raises fears of it being a dumping ground for trash, Fisher said.

At either end of the road are homes which homeowners would still be able to access if the road was abandoned. Its the middle of the road a span of 1.3 miles that concerns the county and property owners.

Property owners are afraid that if this portion of the road is left open and goes nowhere then it will be an invitation to mischief, Fisher said.

On this section of road there are no houses and the road is infrequently traveled.

On the southern side of this road is Highway 201, running through land owned by Fort Hood.

County Judge Jon Burrows said that much of that area has been annexed by Killeen and the city might someday want that portion of the road. That section of the road might have potential, he said.

When Highway 201 was built, it left an island between the highway and Reece Creek Road that belongs to Fort Hood.

Killeen does not want the road abandoned because it might get property from the federal government for future community development, Fisher said.

Also on Monday commissioners:

n approved installation of a stop sign at the intersection of Barnes Road and Armstrong Road and at the intersection of Moth Road (a private road) and Peaceable Kingdom Road.

n approved the final plat for Walnut Creek Estates Phase 6, a six-lot, 32.65-acre subdivision in the extraterrorial jurisdiction of the city of Killeen, off of State Highway 195.

n approved the plat for Circle S storage subdivision, a one-lot, two-acre subdivision fronting onto Farm-to-Market 2268, in Precinct 1.

n accepted a bid for MC-30 by Cleveland Asphalt in the amount of $1.6265 per gallon.

n accepted a bid for HFRS-2 by Koch Asphalt Co. in the amount of $0.864 per gallon and a secondary bid by Cleveland Asphalt in the unlikely event that Koch could not provide the material when needed.

n approved Belcrete as the primary supplier of concrete and the approval of Killeen Ready-Mix and Pro-Mix of Temple as secondary suppliers.

n accepted a bid for cold mix to Vulcan Materials in the amount of $37.56 per ton delivered to Belton.

n accepted a bid for hot mix by Austin Asphalt in the amount of $28.50 per ton with the award of a secondary bid to Central Texas Asphalt in the amount of $30 per ton.

n accepted a bid for lime by Austin White Lime in the amount of $82.09 per ton.

n accepted a bid for cement by TXI in the amount of $119.55 per ton.

n accepted a bid for aggregate by TXI, Trinity, and Mine Services.

n accepted a bid for pit-run gravel by Billie Lemanski, Holland; to Johnnie Kelley, Holland; Jim Fisher, Holland.

n approved an agreement to contribute fundslocal government with Texas Depart-ment of Transportation to participate in the purchasing of right of way and reimbursable utility adjustments for a highway project on U.S. Highway 190 from the Temple south city limit to 2.0 miles south of FM 436 in Heidenheimer at an estimated cost to Bell County of $203,564.

n approved an interlocal agreement with the city of Belton for a 1,900-foot sewer line construction by Bell County, by its contractors, for a portion of Miller Heights Trunk Sewer line to be funded with funds from the Belton Development Corporation in the amount of $93,849.

n approval of the annual law enforcement cooperative agreement between Bell County, through its Sheriffs Department, and the US Army Corps of Engineers with the Corps of Engineers paying approximately $87,612.48 for lake patrols by the Sheriffs office.

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