By Jimmie Ferguson

Killeen Daily Herald

BELTON In less than two hours, two escapees from the Bell County Jail were back behind bars Wednesday, said Maj. Bob Patterson, jail administrator, in a news release.

At 1:25 p.m. Wednesday, Markus Allen Hale, 18; and Brent Eugene Turner, 26, both of Belton, ran off while taking trash from the jail kitchen to the Dumpsters behind the facility, Patterson said.

Jail personnel pursued the inmates down the hill, through Nolan Creek and up an embankment near the area of Avenue C and South East Street, Patterson said.

The jail staff had lost sight of the inmates when they were flagged down by a citizen asking if they were looking for two people in black and white stripes, said Patterson, noting the unknown person then pointed out a residence where the escapees had entered.

Near the entrance of the residence, jail-issued clothing was found. The immediate area was secured and searched by responding law enforcement officials. The escapees were located inside the residence. It was later learned that the residence belonged to a relative of one of the inmates, Patterson said.

At 3:07, Hale and Turner were back in jail, said Patterson, noting both inmates were being held on misdemeanor offenses at the time of their escape and had been classified as work-eligible inmates.

Hale already was being held because his probation was revoked on a conviction of criminal trespass/prohibited weap-on.

Turner is charged with display of a fictitious inspection sticker, possession of a controlled substance, driving while license is suspended, filing a false report, failure to stop and give information and possession of marijuana.

Hale and Turner each are pending review for a felony escape charge, Patterson said.

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