By Jimmie Ferguson

Killeen Daily Herald

BELTON Demolition of a womans decaying mobile home was a success Friday after the owners 40-year-old interceding nephew was arrested on outstanding misdemeanor warrants.

Destruction of the mobile home that belonged to Antonia Quinteros, 84, means the woman will be back in a better place to live as soon as the property is set up to receive the replacement home.

Quinteros had lived in the mobile home for two years without electricity, heat, air conditioning or running water. She has fallen through cracks in the floors in her bedroom, bathroom and kitchen at her home at 700 E. 10th Ave.

Aluminum foil covered the frames of the broken-out windows. The front door wouldnt close and was held together with duct tape.

When the wrecking crew showed up Thursday to tear the place down, Quinteros nephew Robert Ortega claimed residence and wouldnt come out.

Friday morning, Ortega was arrested on outstanding misdemeanor warrants for theft, failure to appear in court and capias pro fine.

While he was in Bell County Jail, the demolition crew returned Friday afternoon and tore down the mobile home, said Belton resident Joe Trevino Jr., who has been working to get Quinteros a better place to live.

Trevino said Ortegas sister knew of the outstanding warrants and apparently reminded the police.

She was very upset that we didnt get started because her brother had locked himself inside the trailer, Trevino said.

She was really upset when I told her that the commander of Belton police claimed Robert had documentation showing that he lived there.

The sister, Trevino said, had her brothers drivers license showing that he lives across the street and not with Quinteros.

She also said that Antonias sister has all documents showing her (Quinteros) ownership of the property and is the only one who is supposed to live in the trailer, Trevino said. Robert had moved himself in that trailer against Antonias wishes and no one could get him out once he decided to move himself in.

The family is very upset with him for getting in the way and supports all of our efforts and work, Trevino said.

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