By Jimmie Ferguson

Killeen Daily Herald

BELTON The first step to get an 84-year-old woman back into a livable home on her property was foiled Thursday when her nephew moved into her dilapidated home and wouldnt come out.

If it aint one thing, its another, said Joe Trevino Jr., who has been working since May 10 to get Antonia Quinteros out of her run-down mobile home and into a better residence.

Quinteros had lived in the mobile home for two years without electricity, heat or air conditioning. She literally has fallen through cracks in the floors in her bedroom, bathroom and kitchen at her home at 720 E. 10th Ave.

Aluminum foil covers the frames of the broken-out windows. The front door wont close and is kept together with duct tape.

She was getting water from her sisters house next door to drink and to use to flush her toilet. It was also where she got her hot meals.

We are trying to get him out and are seeking help for him, but he is stubborn and is holed up in that rathole, said Trevino, referring to Robert Ortega, the son of Quinteros sister, who resides across the street from the mobile home. He will have to be legally evicted, because he has been allowed to stay there for so long.

Yet, Antonia is ready for her house to be restored and to come back home, Trevino said. No one has been able to run Robert off, even though he has been trouble for the entire family and living off Antonia. Hopefully, he cooperates and we can resume work. Im going to try and talk to the judge today.

Apparently, Ortega moved into the mobile home after his aunt moved out of it in May with help from the Area Agency on Aging of Central Texas.

Diamond Martinez, an information referral specialist for the agency, was surprised by the holdup Thursday.

I dont why he is doing this, after we tried so hard to get this off the ground, Martinez said, referring to Ortega. We have had people come out of the woodwork to help her, and he is standing in our way.

In the meantime, Martinez said Quinteros was set up temporarily in a one-bedroom efficiency home.

I furnished her house with a bed, food, clothes and things like pots and pans that were donated by people, said Martinez.

She is comfortable there ... getting together her bearings to be there, Martinez said.

Having been without electricity and lighting for so long, Martinez said she is getting acclimated.

I go visit her sometimes, and she would say, Is it dark in here to you? laughed Martinez, noting all the lights would be on. Little by little, she is getting used to living a little better. She says, Can I get up when I want to and can I take a shower? And I said, Yes, you can.

Hopefully, once we get her mobile home demolished and put the other in place, she would be more comfortable being around her family and friends in her neighborhood, where she has been so long, said Martinez, noting the agency has gotten her some eyeglasses.

Martinez said Quinteros does ask when will her mobile home will be torn down and the other one put in place.

Trevino said a used mobile home has been purchased that looked great on the inside but is rough on the outside.

The community has donated furniture and household items, but we are still in need to accommodate her with the material for her home, he said.

Trevino said they will need donations to buy material for siding, trimming, caulking and other material, which is estimated to cost $3,286.

We will also need some material for a ramp for her entryway, which will cost approximately $3,117., he said.

An account, the Antonia Quinteros Building Fund, No. 22086031, has been set at Extraco Bank, 2000 N. Main St., Belton, TX 76513.

This will be for building material to get her home up to specifications and nice for the neighborhood, Trevino said.

So far, labor is donated for all of the demolition and installation which would have been difficult to pay. The ramp and deck for her home will be durable and high quality to last her a very long time, said Trevino, who can be contacted at (254) 939-0452 or 718-9966.

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