By Sarah Chacko

Killeen Daily Herald

Final campaign finance reports for the Killeen City Council and mayoral candidates are due today.

The first report candidates were required to file was due April 13.

Council candidates Doris Owens and Rena Noriega failed to file the reports required by the Texas Ethics Commission.

Noriega said she forgot to sign the back of the campaign treasurer appointment form, which states that she will not be collecting contributions.

According to the Ethics Commission, if no reportable activity occurs during a reporting period, the person required to file should indicate that fact in the report.

"I'm two steps behind everyone," said Noriega, who was also initially listed under an incorrect address.

"I haven't been collecting anything because no one had my address or anything to send it to," she said.

She said she has spent about $300 out of her own pocket for campaign materials.

Owens said she thought her treasurer had taken care of the reports, but she was out of town.

Though she held one fundraiser last Saturday and is planning another one this weekend, Owens said she has paid for most of her campaign by herself.

She could not comment on how much she had raised or spent

Under the Ethics Commission, failing to file the report is a Class C misdemeanor and also may carry a civil penalty.

However, City Secretary Paula Miller said the city does not have the authority to enforce penalties.

Tim Hancock led the mayoral candidates in the amount of his contributions and expenditures.

He reported $800 in campaign contributions: $100 from Judy Atchison of Killeen, $300 from Dr. Barbara Chinn of Harker Heights and $400 from anonymous donations.

He has reported spending more than $4,500 in political signs and advertisements.

n Mayoral candidate Tonya Horton has reported $70 in campaign contributions and $65.16 in expenditures.

n Mayoral candidate Randy Sammons reported $100 in contributions from Michelle and David Humphreys of Lynchburg, Va., and $540 in expenditures.

Of the six at-large candidates who filed reports, Larry Cole received the most campaign contributions and Charles King reported the most in political expenditures.

Larry Cole reported $2,570 in contributions, including $500 each from Cosper Homes and Construction, and Jack Barnes of Killeen; $250 each from Cosper Apartments, and Anthony and Collette Marshall of Killeen; and $100 from Betty Langford of Killeen.

Cole has reported spending more than $425.

King reported $800 in contributions; $200 each from himself, Allen Cloud, and Sam and Younes Halabi.

He reported spending more than $3,000 for the campaign, including $2,700 in signs and advertisements.

n Council candidate Alvin Dillard received $550 in contributions: $300 from himself and $250 from Speedy Tax in Killeen. He has reported spending $225.

n Council candidate Otis Evans reported no campaign contributions and $5.96 in expenditures for sign-fixture hardware.

n Council candidate Derrell Lee reported no campaign contributions or expenditures.

n Council candidate Billy Workman received $1,450 in contributions, including $500 from Gene and June Williams of Killeen; $200 from Eddie Vale Jr. of Killeen; $100 each from Rick Shelp of Harker Heights, Dan Corbin of Killeen and Casey Jones Sr. of Killeen; and $350 from anonymous donors.

He reported spending $1,164.50.

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