By Natalie Younts

Killeen Daily Herald

In the Aug. 1, 1947, Killeen Daily Herald, a letter to the editor asked readers to write U.S. Congressman William Poage, asking him to make a law sayin the length of womens skirts cant fluctuate more than two inches, or the length of a hem, in any one year.

The man, who signed his name as J.A., reasoned that changing fashionable skirt lengths was a conspiracy by style authorities to make money by forcing women to buy new skirts every season.

It hits a mans pocketbook and something ought to be done about it, he said. Imagine what it would be like if the length of a mans trousers went up or down at the whim of some wax-mustached bird in Paris or New York.

A letter from Poages secretary in Washington, D.C., was also published in the newspaper. The letter gave an itinerary for Poage to make visits throughout his district, including Temple, Waco, Gatesville, Jonesboro, Holland and Rogers. He would be in Killeen from noon to 2 p.m. August 29.

The two major stories from the Friday issue were of a funeral and a burial.

R.E. Tatum, 75, had a funeral the previous Monday at the Church of Christ, conducted by Elder Joe Sprott.

Tatum was born Nov. 25, 1871, in Mississippi.

In 1945, he and his wife, Mattie, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by spending three days at a flour milling company in Fort Worth. They occupied the bridal suite in the Blackstone Hotel and gave a special broadcast over WBAP.

John Jones Sr. recently had been buried after his funeral service at Chanslor-Young Funeral Home, according to the article.

Jones was born July 18, 1879, in Alabama.

In another death story of the day, President Trumans mother, Martha E. Truman, passed away in her sleep, leaving a nation to mourn with their President, the loss of a typical American mother.

Martha E. Truman was 94 years old.

As the end came, President Truman was flying to be with his mother, having delayed his departure from Washington just long enough to sign the Army-Navy unification bill, according to the short article.

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