By Kevin M. Smith

Killeen Daily Herald

The Killeen Land Use/Development Committee reviewed 18 of 24 pages in proposed multifamily ordinance amendments.

The committee, after nearly an hour and a half of reviewing, adjourned to examine the remaining six pages and receive more information on other parts it had questions about.

"Our problem and concern throughout has been the density issue," said Councilman Larry Cole, committee chair.

Carl Ford, city planner, said lot size and parking are controversial issues in the proposed ordinance changes.

Among the issues the ordinance addresses is the amount of green space. Councilman Juan Rivera, committee member, noted that some areas with four-plex housing have almost no grass. Rivera said families, particularly military families, moving to the community deserve a place for their children to play.

"It's not fair to them," Rivera said.

Cole echoed that, saying he sees children playing in the streets too often.

"Get them off the streets, keep them off the streets," Cole said.

The committee was reviewing the ordinance amendments after the Planning and Zoning Commission sent the changes to the full Killeen City Council, which sent it to the Land Use/Development Committee for review and recommendation.

The committee asked for more information about why there is a 35-foot height restriction on multifamily housing.

Ford said he would like to review some of the zoning districts, such as the university and cemetery zoning, to see if there is a specific reason for it.

The committee also decided to meet every two weeks, instead of monthly, until it has reviewed the proposed ordinance changes and is ready to make a recommendation to the full council. The committee has limited time each meeting because the members said they had to tend to their own businesses.

Rivera recommended meeting more often because the committee has a responsibility to make a recommendation in a timely manner.

"It's a big bite to chew, and we're keeping it in hour-and-a-half blocks," Cole said. "We're not going to cover this thing in one bite."

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