By Lisa Soule

Killeen Daily HeraldKilleen Councilman Dan Corbin will attend today's council workshop, despite a move last week to avoid the meetings because they are not televised.

The noon workshop will be in the main conference room at City Hall.

Corbin, who has been backing an effort to televise the workshops, said his change of heart came after talking with several people.

"They told me they elected me to represent them and that I should go," Corbin said. "That seems like a pretty hard argument."

Although he still wants to see the workshops televised, Corbin said he will attend because consensus building takes place in the workshop discussions.

Councilman Tim Hancock, a proponent of workshops, said he welcomes Corbin back to the table."If he has made the decision to come back, I think he should," Hancock said. "He was elected to represent his ward and all the citizens of Killeen."

Despite Corbin's return, Hancock said he will not change what he has tried to do with his efforts to add more workshops to the council schedule.

"I've tried to make sure we get a chance to discuss items before they are placed on an action agenda," Hancock said. "We all deserve an opportunity to discuss these items and if necessary, seek information from others to make sure we are making a correct decision."Corbin's recent calls to place items on council meeting agendas seem to bypass an opportunity for discussion.

Hancock said he is opposed to moving on such items in haste.

"To come in and try to force someone to vote your way and influence a vote against what you may believe is wrong. That, I am not going to do," Hancock said. "I will still take time, discuss, think about and then make my decision independent of any force, based on the best information I can gather."

During today's workshop, the council is scheduled to receive briefings about the city's Christmas parade, fleet purchases and the federal legislative agenda. The group is set to hear a quarterly economic development report and an update on the golf course.

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