By Lisa Soule

Killeen Daily Herald

While the nation takes a collective breath after months of political campaigning, Killeen Councilman Dan Corbin is launching his May re-election bid.

Although Corbin has made his intentions to run for a second term clear, he cant officially file for the race until early March.

Its never too early, Corbin said of his six-month head start.

But thats just him.

For other councilmen facing a re-election decision it is too early.

Killeen will elect a council member from each of its four wards in the May 7 election. Besides Corbin, Councilmen Dick Young, Ernest Wilkerson and Fred Latham will all have to decide whether to run for another two years of service.

Latham said he was surprised to see Corbins campaign move so soon.

Its still too early for me to decide, Latham said. When the former mayor made the decision to run for office again in 2003, Latham said he considered it his way to help the community during a time of deployments. I felt it was my way to contribute. I may feel that way again.

Councilman Dick Young said he had not yet made up his mind about seeking a third term.

It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to do what we do, Young said. I have to make sure my wife is willing to share me at the level for another two years.

Young said he still felt he had work to do. There are a lot of needs and a lot of major decisions in front of the people of Killeen.

Ernest Wilkerson, who also may be seeking a third term, said he usually waits until February before holding a campaign kickoff. It looks very likely, he said of a third run at the seat.

Both campaign solicitations and invitations to a mid-November kickoff party at the Killeen Civic and Conference Center have been sent to residents from Temple to Copperas Cove.

When asking for campaign funds, Corbin gave supporters several ways to assist his efforts or contribute to his cause.

Some options included donating $1,000 as an underwriter, $500 as a sponsor or $250 as a host.

Local developers Jack Barnes and Weldon and Bruce Whitis were listed on the kickoff party invitation as underwriters.

State Rep. Dianne White Delisi of Temple was listed as one of nine hosts.

Shes just a friend, Corbin said of Delisis support. Ive supported her and Im glad to see she has supported me.

Wilkerson, who mentioned that he would like to have Corbins donor list, said everyone has his own way of running a campaign. But this, he said, seems to be taking things to a new level.

Latham said it is more along the lines of what people might see in a higher level race, like a congressional campaign.

Its his campaign to run, Latham said of Corbin and his early start. He can do what he wants.

For Corbin, the timing just seemed to work out.

You cant do anything before (Election Day), and then there is Thanksgiving and Christmas, Corbin said. It just seemed like the best time to do it.

Corbins methods have also left some wondering about his future political aspirations.

The councilman wouldnt specify his future political plans.

I have not yet announced my candidacy for the president of the United States, Corbin said.

It may be too early.

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