By Justin Cox

Killeen Daily Herald

The lengthy "Donut Hole" controversy will be dormant for a while.

At least that's the hope of the Killeen City Council, which approved the controversial rezoning application to change 87 acres to R-1, single-family homes Tuesday night.

Both sides got in some parting shots before the vote. One Donut Hole resident said he hopes he has the opportunity to vote the five councilmen out of office who hadn't sided with the Donut Hole residents in previous discussions.

"I guess the developers are helping you with your campaigns," the resident said. "We hope to replace you so that we can do what we want rather than what the developers want."

Donut Hole resident Bill King presented his usual arguments over traffic concerns and infrastructure improvements the area south of town needs and was thanked for always sticking to a professional, respectful delivery by Councilman Juan Rivera.

But that was not the norm, and Rivera, as well as other councilmen, let their frustrations show.

"You show us respect, I want to thank you. You're a good leader," Rivera said to King. "To some of the rest, don't come and threaten me that you're going to put me out of my seat."

Rivera said there is a hole in their argument.

"One day we receive a whole bunch of you that say, 'Support your P and Z (planning and zoning commission).' Now you're saying, 'Don't support your P and Z,'" Rivera said. "It makes me very confused."

Developer Bruce Whitis will finally be able to move forward with the project after having his planned unit development voted down three times.

But this rendition will not have a homeowners association, something Whitis said would be very attractive for potential homebuyers in the previous applications.

Latham said Wednesday that the master planning for the annexed areas on the south side of town probably needs to be more closely evaluated in the future. Latham added that he suggested to Whitis at Tuesday's meeting that he hopes future developments are more congruent with the surrounding neighborhoods so as to avoid similar controversy in the future.

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