By Kevin M. Smith

Killeen Daily Herald

The city of Killeen took another step toward an ordinance to regulate land disturbances.

The Killeen Land Development Committee sent part of a proposed ordinance change to the City Council, while sending the rest back to staff for further development.

Staff proposed creating a land disturbance policy and modifying subdivision regulations through conveyance plats.

The Land Development Committee suggested establishing a land disturbance permit. Land change activity, as defined by the proposed ordinance, would be any change that may result in soil erosion from water or wind and the movement of soil into waters or onto lands. It would also include any increased runoff of water from, but not limited to, clearing, grading, excavating, transporting and filling of land.

A permit would be required for any of those activities and permits would run about 20 percent of the cost of a subdivision plat.

Thomas Dann, director of planning, said the city is not involved in the development process early enough.

"By the time the city gets involved, the terrain has changed," Dann said.

Currently the city requires a land change analysis for plats.

"This will give us the same drainage analysis, but do it before you disturb the terrain," Dann said.

The Land Development Committee agreed to send that proposal to the City Council with recommendation for approval.

The committee also sent a proposal for a city-owner agreement to be recommended to the City Council. The city-owner agreement would establish agreements to accommodate future upsized development of utilities, roads and drainage.

The committee did send back to staff recommendations to add a conveyance plat and change drainage and design requirements for new subdivisions.

"The development community is somewhat opposed to the conveyance plat process," Dann said. "It may be to our benefit to work on that issue longer."

Committee members agreed that more research and data may be needed before submitting a change in ordinance to the City Council.

"We need to know the fiscal impact on the community," City Manager Connie Green said. "Taking them forward now will cause more issues that will get these tabled again."

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