By Kevin M. Smith

Killeen Daily Herald

The Killeen City Council will vote on an ordinance at Tuesday's meeting that would establish a land-disturbance permit, requiring developers to study erosion early in the building process.

In April, the Land Development Committee suggested establishing a land-disturbance permit. Land-change activity, as defined by the proposed ordinance, would be any change that may result in soil erosion from water or wind and the movement of soil into waters or onto lands. It would also include any increased runoff of water from, but not limited to, clearing, grading, excavating, transporting and filling of land.

A permit would be required for any of those activities and permits would run about 20 percent of the cost of a subdivision plat.

But local developers claim the timing is off and the proposed ordinance asks for too much too soon.

"It's telling you what we're going to do (with land) before we know what we're going to do," Steve Shepherd, a local developer, told the council at its workshop on May 15.

Thomas Dann, director of planning, contends the city is not involved in the development process early enough.

"By the time the city gets involved, the terrain has changed," Dann said at the Land Development Committee meeting on April 16.

Currently the city requires a land-change analysis for plats.

"This will give us the same drainage analysis, but do it before you disturb the terrain," Dann said at the April 16 meeting.

Also at Tuesday's meeting, the council will swear in its newest members. Juan Rivera and Claudia Brown were each uncontested in the election for City Council early this month. Rivera will replace Dick Young in representing District 2 and Brown will replace Ernest Wilkerson in representing District 4. Kenny Wells won in the District 1 race to replace Bob Hausmann and Fred Latham retained his seat in District 3.

They will all be sworn in at Tuesday's meeting and the new council will designate a new mayor pro tem.

A farewell party for the outgoing council members will be 5 to 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the Killeen Civic and Conference Center, 3601 S. W.S. Young Drive

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