By Joshua Winata

Killeen Daily Herald

COPPERAS COVE – The City Council on Tuesday adopted amendments to three of the city's ordinances that will affect fencing regulations, local pets and animals and "through-truck" transportation.

Through-trucks are transport vehicles with no destination or pickup or delivery point within the city limits.

The council has been receiving proposals for changes in the existing code of ordinances from city staff since the beginning of the year.

On Jan. 10, the City Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission held a joint workshop, led by Interim City Planner Scott Wallace, to discuss changes in the fencing ordinances, followed by a presentation by Deputy Police Chief Mike Heintzelman of alterations to the animal and fowl ordinances.

Those amendments will take effect immediately. Changes in the fencing ordinance permit deeper setbacks, which allow property owners to claim larger yards, and extend the maximum height for fences.

New animal ordinances create stricter penalties for dangerous animals and higher fines for violators. Heintzelman said a proposed requirement for signage on all gates and entrances to yards with dangerous animals discussed last month was removed because it was deemed "too controversial."

"If everybody posted a sign on an entrance to every gate where there was an animal, it would take so much away from that dangerous animal warning," City Attorney James Thompson said.

The final ordinance amendment adopted by the council restricts through-truck traffic to state-maintained routes in an effort to reduce damage to city roadways. The change was presented by Thompson and Streets Department Director James Trevino.

Richard Brown, spokesman for the Texas Department of Transportation, said TxDOT "is willing to accept those trucks on to the state system. That's what the state system is designed to do, is to handle through-trucks of that weight. We can do that on our roads efficiently."

Through-trucks are permitted to use U.S. Highway 190 and Farm-to-Market 116, FM 1113, FM 3046 and FM 2657.

The through-truck ordinance will take effect April 15 to give sufficient notice to vehicles traveling through the city.

During a workshop Tuesday, Heintzelman proposed yet another amendment in the ordinance pertaining to vehicles for hire and wrecker services initiated by the Copperas Cove Police Department after arrests or traffic accidents.

The changes will increase some of the rates for wrecker services on the police department's rotation list to reflect increasing fuel prices and service fees.

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