By Judy Pack

Killeen Daily Herald

Although an investigation is not yet complete into a Monday incident in which a 2-year-old girl was bitten by a pit bull, a Killeen Police Department spokeswoman says reports that the dog grabbed the child and dragged her underneath a fence are not accurate.

We do not believe thats the case at this point, said Carroll Smith, director of public information for the Killeen Police Department. There are lots of different things to look at still, and the investigation is ongoing.

Metroplex Hospital treated the toddler for five puncture wounds to her upper left thigh and released her after the incident, which occurred in the back yard of an apartment complex in the 500 block of Alpine Drive in Killeen, where the child lived. The dog was legally restrained in a fenced back yard at the time of the incident, according to Smith. The fence was intact, she said, and the child was in the yard where the dog was kept when she was bitten.

Smith also emphasized that the toddlers injuries were limited to puncture wounds that were very minor and did not require any stitches.

In published reports, the childs aunt claimed that the girl was playing with a soccer ball in the yard nearby and followed the ball to the fenced area where the pit bull was contained.

She stated the dog reached under the unanchored chainlink fence, grabbed the toddler by her thigh, and pulled her into the dogs fenced area. The mother and aunt rescued the child, according to the aunt.

Metroplex reported the dog bite to city authorities, which is protocol anytime a human receives an animal bite and seeks medical attention.

No charges are expected to be filed against the owner of the dog, Smith said. The fence was intact, and the dog was in its yard at the time of the incident. The 4-year-old dogs vaccinations are current.

Whatever the circumstances, however, the incident has sparked one councilman to again call for the city to step in to protect citizens from aggressive breeds, such as pit bulls or Rottweilers.

We are lucky this little girl didnt get seriously hurt, said Councilman Eddie Vale Jr. If her mother wasnt there, I hate to think what might have happened.

Vale said when the new animal ordinances were put in place several months ago, he pushed for mandatory licensing for what he termed attack dogs. In addition to meeting the requirements for owning certain kinds of dogs, he would also like to see stiff penalties if the dogs were discovered unleashed or out of the fenced area.

As in a $2,000 fine in municipal court, Vale said. It comes with the territory of the large number of these kinds of dogs in our town. Young people think its the cool, macho thing to have one of these dogs.

Outlawing certain types of dogs within the city limits also was discussed in the past, but Vale said the city attorney seemed to think that discriminating against one certain kind of dog would be problematic.

I want to sit down and discuss the issue with code enforcement and work something out, he said. An owner of a dog like this must be able to show financial responsibility. Someone needs to see if the fencing is adequate. I think a licensing fee to have one of these dogs will remove many people from owning these animals.

The key word, Vale stressed, is responsibility.

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