By Mason W. Canales

Killeen Daily Herald

HARKER HEIGHTS – Killeen Independent School District police are investigating the theft of several items from a Harker Heights High School locker room Friday.

While the case involving several stolen MP3 players, cell phones, other small electronic devices and money is under investigation, police hope they will have it closed in the near future, said Bob Massey, KISD public information officer.

Police do not yet know exactly how many items were taken from the boys' locker room, Massey said.

The incident may also lead to the arrest of at least one individual, he added.

The significant-other of a student's father complained about the incident.

"It is troubling. I didn't buy his iPod, his father did, and some people just don't have that kind of money," Michelle Alvarez said.

Physical education students place their items in unsecured baskets because the lockers are reserved for athletes, Alvarez said. The room is then locked by coaches, which leaves room for human error, she added.

According to Alvarez, a student was caught in the act of stealing from the baskets in a previous incident.

"Yes, it is a recurring problem, but we do our best to curb it by the use of surveillance cameras, Scholastic Crimestoppers, two KISD police officers on duty and vigilance of all staff," said Walker Veal, KISD police chief. "HHHS is a big school, and that makes for a big challenge, but keeping all areas totally secure is a top priority."

Alvarez' solution to the problem would be to place a security camera that points directly at the baskets, she said.

"My two younger children are eventually going to Harker Heights High, and it worries me," Alvarez said. "I think there is some reasonable security that can be taken."

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