By Kevin M. Smith

Killeen Daily Herald

After next week's meeting, the Killeen City Council may have a little different protocol to follow during its meetings.

During a workshop Tuesday, City Attorney Kathy Davis discussed with the council proposed tweaks to the current policy.

Among the proposed changes is the definition of a citizen. The definition would no longer be only a person who lives in the city of Killeen but also would include individuals who work in Killeen. Davis said this would allow them to address the council during the citizens' petitions and information items on the council's meeting agendas.

The changes would also place tougher restrictions on what people can say during the citizens' petitions and information time. The new provision would restrict comments

to those only related to city business.

The council will vote on an ordinance to implement these changes at its Sept. 11 regular meeting.

In other business:

The council heard a briefing from Emergency Management Coordinator Chad Berg about the city's hazardous mitigation plan. The 260-page document was developed by the Central Texas Council of Governments and must be adopted for the city to continue to receive funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Department of Homeland Security.

The mitigation plan is designed to identify hazards that are most likely to have an adverse effect on the Central Texas region. Berg said the document will be available online later this week for council members to review.

There were no comments from residents during the last public hearing for the 2007-08 proposed budget and tax rate. The two public hearings were at a special council meeting following the workshop. The council will vote on the proposed budget and tax rate, which will take effect Oct. 1, on Sept. 11.

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