By Hillary S. Meeks

Killeen Daily Herald

The Killeen Independent School District's newest board member, Terry Delano, brings a business background to the board, but most of all, a strong desire to do what's best for children.

"Anything that has to do with the development of our children has always been a good cause," said Delano, who was appointed to the board Nov. 14.

Delano and his wife, Sheryl, have two children: 16-year-old Whitney, a junior at Harker Heights High School, and 11-year-old Tanner, a sixth-grader at Eastern Hills Middle School. The couple grew up in Killeen and have been married for 19 years.

"We have two children that go to KISD, so we have a vested interest in the school system," Delano said, noting this was a big factor in his decision to accept the board's appointment.

The other major factor was time, he said. KISD board president Brenda Coley said many people do not realize the amount of time trustees pour into these volunteer positions.

"I just had someone ask me yesterday, Do you get compensated?' I told them no, we didn't," she said.

Coley said one of the reasons Delano was picked is because she knows "he will do his homework; he will come to the meetings prepared."

She said board members canvassed the community for prospects when they first learned former board member Billy J. Mills planned to resign.

"We contacted a number of people in the community and asked for recommendations, and the board members brought names to the meeting of people we would recommend and we talked it through," she said. "Terry was a unanimous confirmation."

Delano was taken by surprise when he was first asked if he would consider an appointment to the KISD board of trustees. Then, he discussed the matter with his wife, "and we decided it was something we should do."

"There's so many qualified people in this area for that job, and to think that they picked me was very humbling and it was an honor," he said.

Board member Dr. Ron Rainosek said he has known Delano and of his involvement in the community for several years.

"Not only is he a product of the district, he's got children in the district right now. He's aware of how schools function," Rainosek said.

He also noted Delano's experience in business would give him insight into the business workings of the school district.

Delano initially started in the building business because his father was a builder. After graduating from Killeen High School, he attended Central Texas College and earned a degree in general studies.

When the building market began to slow down in the 1980s, the opportunity to own a restaurant became available, Delano said. He has now been the owner of the Golden Chick restaurants in Killeen and Harker Heights for 17 years.

"I didn't know anything about the business, but I jumped right in," he said.

Rainosek said another positive trait Delano possesses is approachability.

"Terry (has) the personality that people will approach him and ask questions of and voice their concerns about the district," Rainosek said.

Coley, who has served on the KISD school board of trustees for 10 years, said when a new trustee joins, "it brings a fresh set of eyes."

"They ask questions, and that always causes you to look back and to look forward," she said.

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