By Kristine Favreau

Killeen Daily Herald

LAMPASAS – After serving as the mayor of Lampasas for the past 16 years Jack Calvert is preparing to retire – for the second time.

Born in Roswell, N.M., Calvert retired as a colonel from the Army in 1986 after serving for more than 30 years.

Calvert and his wife Fran had traveled through the small town of Lampasas many times while stationed at Fort Hood, and when the time came to buy a home, the couple knew exactly where to look.

"We wanted a historic home," said Calvert, who is an accomplished woodworker. "The house we found was built in 1913, and we've tried to keep it as original as possible."

Calvert said that his woodworking hobby has been absolutely essential to the restoration of his home. Calvert himself has done a great deal of the work on the house, and his artistry has expanded to his Lampasas office as well.

The desk he sits behind is hand-tooled, with a high shine that proves the care and attention paid to it. Walking sticks made from cedar adorn one wall, as does an original Census Bureau map of Central Texas from 1950. The map itself sits displayed in a case matching the canes and desk, also made from cedar by Calvert.

With his retirement planned for May of next year, Calvert hopes to take advantage of the woodshop which takes up a third of his three car garage.

Before he can fully embrace the idea of retirement, Calvert is focused on completing his personal goals for the city of Lampasas.

"I want to insure that the water system and supply is in excellent shape," Calvert said. "And that all departments of the city are operating in an effective and efficient manner."

After several years of negotiations and frustrations for the city, Calvert said dealing with the water issue in Lampasas has been the most tedious aspect of his role as mayor.

"I'm hoping that this month, all of that will come to an end and we'll have the water system under control and all contracts completed," he said.

Not all of his 16 years have been spent on the time-consuming and tedious paperwork that Calvert dreads. During his time in office, Calvert has seen to the opening of a swimming pool, expansion to the golf course and extensive work with the Hostess House, all of which he considers among the most exciting projects he has been involved with. Above all, Calvert treasures the opportunity he has had to serve the people of Lampasas.

"Working with the community to resolve problems and find solutions that are acceptable to everyone is the most rewarding part of my job," Calvert said. "I really get the most satisfaction from that."

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