Leaving the Earth to the next generation

Herald/STEVE TRAYNOR - Margo Coster shows eager students how to minimize the harmful effects of plastic soda holders to marine life during an Earth Day presentation at Clear Creek Elementary on Wednesday. Coster represented Keep Killeen Beautiful and was one of six presenters during the event.

By Candace Birkelbach

Killeen Daily Herald

Earth Day is only five days away on April 22, and students at Clear Creek Elementary School received ideas of what they can do to help save their planet.

Representatives from Keep Killeen Beautiful and the Stillhouse Cleanwater Clearing Committee came to Clear Creek on Wednesday to inform students about environmental practices.

"The Earth is like you and needs things to survive," said Ken Schoen, chair of the Cleanwater Clearing Committee.

Schoen used an "earth pizza" to make a demonstration. He said there needs to be a portioned amount for everything you use in order to conserve Earth's resources.

Schoen advised students to cut down on their water consumption and to make sure to clean up their trash when they take trips to the lake.

School counselor Cindi Kent said she wanted students to learn about the importance of keeping water clean and figuring out how to do their part.

Kent said teachers have lesson plans involving safe environmental practices to teach the students this week.

Lupe Salais, board member for Keep Killeen Beautiful, said she wants students to learn where their water comes from and how to take care of it.

The two main sources of water in the area are from the Lampasas and Leon rivers, Salais said.

Margo Coster, another Keep Killeen Beautiful board member, said students should be advised to keep the Earth clean.

The presentation included demonstrations and clips on environmental safety, littering and recycling.

Schoen showed students how to cut the plastic rings that come on soda cans, in order to prevent marine life from choking on the plastic.

"It's good to start when they're young," Coster said. "Then, they will tell their parents what they learn."

Counselor Tom Jones said students are always interested in science.

"This is the stuff they'll remember forever," Jones said.

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