By Robert Nathan

Killeen Daily Herald

Five elementary schools in the Killeen Independent School District with Spanish bilingual programs united Saturday to celebrate Hispanic heritage at Peebles Elementary School.

The Hispanic Heritage Celebration was an opportunity for children and parents to learn about other cultures.

"Everybody got to get a little bit about what our culture is about," said Gladys Fontanez, a teacher at Clifton Park Elementary.

Peebles, Oveta Culp Hobby, Clifton Park, Pershing Park and Harker Heights elementary schools participated in the event.

Wearing colorful clothing, children and adults participated in Hispanic folk dances.

"Its very nice to hear the music because we don't have the opportunity to hear it everyday," said Rosabelle Montero, who attended the event with her husband, Liduvino, and their children. She said her family is Puerto Rican.

"You were able to celebrate where you come from, but at the same time embrace the other cultures that share the same language as us," she said. "So when the community gets together, we are able to enjoy that music. Its like we feel like we are again back in our cultures."

Esmy Fryer, 8, said the music was so good she couldn't stop dancing.

"The reason is, I can probably sing to it because my mom always plays it," Esmy said.

Fontanez said every Spanish-speaking country has its own music, but the music is similar, which is what brought everyone together.

But aside from the music, Esmy said the wide assortment of cultural food was the best part of the day.

"It was so tasty and there was so much that nobody could decide what they wanted," she said, grimacing.

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