By Jimmie Ferguson

Killeen Daily Herald

He was an infant when he was placed in foster care.

Now he's 20, and he wants to find his biological family.

Scott Peake, of Allen, believes his family members live in the Killeen/Copperas Cove area.

"I express the desire to locate my birth mother, father and sisters," Peake said. "One reason is medical history, and just because I have had the burning desire to find them and see where I came from. My ultimate goal is to meet them and thank them for the choices they made in life for me."

Peake was born on Dec. 18, 1985, at Metroplex Hospital in Killeen.

"I was 2 months old when I was put in the foster home of Ron and Peggy Salfen," Peake said. "Ron was a Presbyterian minister. My name then was Orlando."

The only information he has of his biological family is that he has four sisters and the family probably lives in the Killeen/Copperas Cove area. Other information includes:

n His mother is now 41 years old, Hispanic, and is nearly 5 feet tall. "She was about 21 years old when I was born," he said. When she filled out the adoption papers, she listed a relative in Coryell County by the last name of Garcia.

n His oldest sister is Hispanic and was 6 years old when he was placed in a foster home. She is now about 27 years old.

n His twin sisters are Hispanic and were 2 years old when he was placed in a foster home. They are now 23 years old.

n His youngest sister was 1 year old when he was placed in the foster home. She is now 22 years old.

n His grandfather was 41 years old and his grandmother was 39 years old. Both are Hispanic.

n His mother's siblings: two sisters and a brother, all in their 40s now.

n His father's siblings: four brothers and a sister, all Hispanic, all Catholics; possible church is Holy Family Catholic Church in Copperas Cove.

Peake said the reason his mother put him up for adoption was because of financial problems. "She could not support five kids," he said.

"I have been raised by wonderful people, and my future involves meteorology and the study of science," Peake said.

Peake can be contacted at 1503 Countrybend, Allen, TX 75002. His cell phone number is (469) 667-1214. His Web site is or

Peake is assisted in his search by Edward Gonzalez, an investigator with the Criminal District Attorney's Office of Dallas County.

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