By Jacqueline Brown

Killeen Daily Herald

District 59 state Rep. Sid Miller has renounced his support of District 54 candidate Dan Corbin because of Corbins opposition to lawsuit reform.

Miller said he cannot support a Republican candidate who is against Proposition 12, which authorized the Legislature to limit non-economic damages assessed against health care providers.

This is a major, major issue on the Republican platform, he said. In my position as vice chair of the House Republican Caucus, I have a responsibility to support and promote the legislative agenda supported by the majority of Republicans.

Corbin said he is against Proposition 12 because he believes in the absolute right to a jury trial.

Its not the role of the Legislature to determine the value of a womans breast thats been wrongfully removed, he said. And I dont think the Legislature should determine the value of a human life and cap it at $250,000.

However, Miller said Proposition 12 does not deny anyone a jury trial.

It just puts caps on frivolous lawsuits, he said. What we capped was pain and suffering damages.

Matt Welch, political action committee director for Texans for Lawsuit Reform, said Corbin is putting personal financial motivation above the party platform.

He is opposed to Proposition 12 because he is a personal injury lawyer, Welch said. Its tough to represent the district when youre going to put your profession above the will of the voters.

In a letter to Corbin, Miller said Proposition 12 was supported overwhelmingly by the Republican members of the Texas House and the majority of Texans, including those in District 54.

Your stated opposition to lawsuit reform in general and Proposition 12 specifically cause me to have grave concerns about your promise to me to be a true conservative and to support the values and philosophy of the Republican Party, Miller wrote.

In addition, Corbin said he does not support propositions bought and paid for.

During the last five years, the incumbent District 54 representative has received $141,000 from campaign contributions, he said. We need to throw everyone out of office who takes money from special interests, PACs and lobbyists.

However, Welch pointed out that Corbin is a member of the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Its silly for him to say special interest money is bad, he said. Hes giving special-interest money when he donates to the TSCPA.

Welch said by definition Corbins statement calls for the repeal of the governor, the lieutenant governor, the speaker of the house and every Republican member of the Legislature.

Its these ludicrous statements by Dan Corbin that will cause heartache and concern for the voters when they go to the ballot box, he said.

Welch said in a representative form of government, candidates are elected to represent the people in their district.

If Dan is not willing to represent the wishes of the voters, why is he running? he asked.

Texans for Lawsuit Reform mailed the letter from Miller to voters across District 54, alerting them to Corbins opposition to lawsuit reform.

He said the other three candidates support lawsuit reform so the committee has chosen not to support any individual candidate.

Miller also is planning to stay neutral in the primary, but after the primary he said he will support the Republican candidate whoever that is.

Other Republican candidates for District 54 State representative include Dale Hopkins and Hans Dersch, both of Marble Falls, and Jimmie Don Aycock of Killeen.

The successful Republican candidate will compete against the winner of the Democratic primary to replace District 54 state Rep. Suzanne Gratia Hupp, R-Lampasas.

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