By Mason W. Canales

Killeen Daily Herald

NOLANVILLE – The City Council and city treasurer reviewed the fiscal budget and made minor adjustments to it on Thursday. They added four account funds and redistributed money for overspending in the first quarter.

At a 5 p.m. called meeting on Thursday, City Treasurer Vicki Brown went over the city's 2008 fiscal year budget with the City Council fund by fund and department by department.

"This shows that we had more than the expenses in the first quarter," Brown said, explaining that the revenues for the general fund had brought in more than $350,000 and expenses were slightly less than $213,000 during the first quarter.

Nolanville's general fund spending was also under budget in the first quarter by about $45,000, according to the budget report Brown gave to the council.

The city, however, under-budgeted the cost of personnel in three departments – City Hall, police and courts – to the tune of $4,907.

"Salaries are a little over," Brown said, talking about the police department.

The excess in personnel expenses is probably from overtime during the holiday season, she said.

While trying to fix the overspending, the City Council faced another issue. On Monday, it had approved to make the office of city treasurer a full-time position instead of a part-time position, but money for the change had not been added to the budget at the time.

To fix the problem, the City Council made two adjustments to staffing.

The first was to reduce a recently created full-time position that would work for both City Hall and public works to just a part-time public works employee. The second was to reduce the hours of a full-time court clerk position to 20 from 25 hours.

"We could drop her down to half-time personnel if we move the treasurer to full time," Mayor Carolyn Sterling said.

With two part-time positions, the city would not need to pay insurance, thus saving the city money, Brown said.

The council also moved money out of the reserve fund to cover the period's losses and the new position.

The city designated several amounts of money to be budgeted into the street maintenance fund, the bond issues and 10th Street project fund, court security fund and the court tech fund.

During its regular council meeting, the city appointed Donna Mitchell to fulfill the new full-time treasurer position.

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