By Mason W. Canales

Killeen Daily Herald

NOLANVILLE – The City Council approved the final plat of a 14-lot subdivision in its extraterritorial jurisdiction by a 3-1 vote Monday night.

Councilman Stan Williamson voted against approving the subdivision after he fielded several questions about green space in the area to Mitchell & Associates Inc., that proposed the plat.

"I would like to see a green space for those families," Williamson said.

The subdivision is in an area of about 12 acres of land located on Jack Rabbit Road just outside Nolanville.

"I hope that before it is built these folks are in the city," said Carolyn Sterling, mayor.

In reply to Williamson, Bob Mitchell, of Mitchell & Associates Inc., said the lots were larger than normal lots one would see inside a city and would provide the green space Williamson desired.

Curbs and a concrete drainage ditch were among other concerns that the council had for the subdivision, after Mitchell asked the city to consider using the guidelines enforced by the county instead of the Nolanville ordinances.

The county's guidelines do not require the subdivision to have curbs and allow for drainage ditches to be covered in grass instead of concrete, Mitchell said.

During the meeting, a spokeswoman for the planning and zoning committee, which was having a concurrent meeting, entered the room and suggested the council not accept the purposed change to the county's guidelines.

With the population growth Nolanville is currently experiencing, it is a hope the area will not merely be in the city's ETJ for long, and Nolanville should protect its future residents from flooding, Sterling said.

The council agreed and approved to accept the final plat with the planned curbed streets and concrete drainage ditch.

With the approved plat, Mitchell and Associates, Inc. hopes to receive bids from contractors in the next couple of months and start building.

Councilman Albert Simmons was absent from the meeting.

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