By Mason W. Canales

Killeen Daily Herald

NOLANVILLE – The City Council agreed Thursday that its members should no longer park in front of City Hall, and decided to give the police chief severance pay if fired with a vote of no confidence.

While waiting for City Attorney Alan Bojorquez to show up so the council could again discuss the contract of Police Chief Lester Holsey Jr., the council discussed parking in front of City Hall.

There was no formal decision made because the agenda item lacked a draft of a resolution or ordinance. Council members, however, agreed they could walk from across the street to City Hall.

"We just won't do it any more," said Mayor Pro Tem Emma McCullough. "We will park across the street."

This will allow the spaces in front of the building to be available for residents who come to City Hall to conduct business, said Councilman Skip Matthews.

"I am just as guilty as everyone for parking there," Matthews said.

The city staff is expected to follow the council's example.

After Bojorquez arrived, the City Council entered a closed session to discuss Holsey's contract.

After more than an hour in the closed meeting, the City Council decided to add a 90-day lump sum severance package to Holsey's new contract, which was drafted in September. Severance pay will be issued if Holsey is fired by a super majority vote of no confindence, Holsey said after the meeting.

Super majority means that Holsey would have to be fired by at least a vote of 4 to 1.

Thursday night's decision ends a dispute over Holsey's contract that began in May under the guidance of former Mayor Carolyn Sterling.

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