By Justin Cox

Killeen Daily Herald

NOLANVILLE The City Council spent much of its meeting Thursday in executive session discussing a personnel contract connected to the city's municipal court.

The council decided not take any action regarding the matter, but it did offer a permanent position to Robert Pena, who will join the city's Public Works Department along with Public Works Director Tom Jones.

The city denied a request from Mark Robert for a variance to his property at 101 West Ave.

J. Fred Nash, who is on the planning commission, told the council that the requested home, which is 50 feet wide, is too big to be built on the property, which is 60 feet wide.

The Planning and Zoning Commission did not approve the request because of the lot's small size in relation to the size of the house.

Councilman Donnie Rohloff said he didn't want the variance approved for the same reasons.

"I don't want to do this for safety reasons," he said. If a house in the neighborhood catches fire, then it becomes an increasingly dangerous situation, he said.

The council also discussed a draft ordinance banning basketball hoops on roads and rights of way.

The council agreed that the ordinance on ambiguous and lacks the specificity necessary to satisfy the council. The council will discuss it in its next meeting.

The council ratified its decision for the purchase of four new police cars that have been added recently to the city's fleet.

The council tabled its discussion on the no-smoking ordinance until its next meeting.

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