By Mason W. Canales

Killeen Daily Herald

NOLANVILLE — The City Council tightened the reins on the mayor by approving two resolutions at Thursday night’s meeting.

The first resolution says that the city of Nolanville has to be held accountable for the mayor’s actions in accordance with state laws.

Before the resolution was brought before a vote, Councilwoman Denise Hungerford expressed concern about it.

“It appears to myself, and I am sure to others, that this is clearly a revenge tactic, all because someone on the other end of this council had their feathers ruffled by only getting a letter of reprimand earlier this month,” Hungerford said.

Hungerford continued to say she would never vote in favor of such an item.

The second resolution outlines guidelines and terms about how the mayor should act.

The resolution listed nine daily administrative duties for the mayor.

The duties include:

The mayor acts as the coordinator between department heads.

The mayor is to work closely with the mayor pro tem on items for the City Council meetings and agenda including proclamations, ordinances and resolutions.

The mayor signs and the council approves documents.

Both resolutions passed on a 3-2 vote, with Hungerford and Clifford Tibbetts voting against the items.

The resolutions followed an incident earlier this month about possible violations of state open meetings law.

Mayor James Cox was sent a letter of reprimand signed by three council members: Emma McCullough, Donald “Skip” Matthews and Albert Simmons. Cox responded by sending his own letter of reprimand to those council members.

The council also approved:

A mutual aid agreement between the Nolanville Volunteer Fire Department and the Fort Hood Fire Department.

A population count by the planning and zoning committee that declares the population at more than 6,000 residents.

The formation of a committee made up of two City Council members, planning and zoning members and six residents to work on a comprehensive plan for the city.

A request for repairs to a police vehicle.

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