By Mason W. Canales

Killeen Daily Herald

NOLANVILLE – The City Council picked a new insurance plan for employees Thursday after Scott & White Health System canceled the city's old plan.

The council selected another Scott & White insurance plan that offers all the same benefits as its original plan and added an increased eye-care package for a minimal cost increase to the city, Mayor Carolyn Sterling said.

"We are not taking any of the benefits away for almost the same amount of money," Vicki Brown, city treasurer, told the council.

Sterling and Brown explained to the City Council that Scott & White Insurance stopped offering its previous insurance plan that the city offers to its employees.

"We tried to give them the best package we could," Sterling said as she gave a list of fees that employees may see when they go for a medical visit.

Office visits and preventive visits will be $40, Sterling said. There will be no co-pay for X-ray and lab fees, while emergency room visits will cost $100 and urgent care will cost $75.

The maximum out of pocket that employees will pay under the new plan will be $3,000.

Brown and Sterling wanted to make the medical plan as close to the cost of the city's previous insurance plan, so the city would not have to make large changes to its budget later in the year, they said.

The city also chose a plan in which there was no cost deducted from the employees' paychecks and no yearly deductible.

"Right now the employees most everywhere pay some of their medical themselves," Sterling said. With this plan they will not pay any of their medical insurance premiums, just the co-pays.

"This is a benefit for the employee," Brown said.

The City Council also decided to allow the Texas Department of Transportation to continue to maintain the state roads in Nolanville, such as the Farm-to-Market 439 spur.

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