By Mason W. Canales

Killeen Daily Herald

NOLANVILLE – The City Council discussed annexing all the land east of the city in its extraterritorial jurisdiction at a meeting Thursday.

"I want to take in our ETJ at least," Mayor James Cox Sr. told council members.

The addition of the properties in its ETJ would take Nolanville's city limit to Simmons Road and U.S. Highway 190, Cox said.

By talking to the Texas Municipal League, the mayor said he had investigated several ways to accomplish that goal.

Since the land in the city's ETJ is along a major Texas thoroughfare, U.S. 190, the city could ask the Texas Department of Transportation for a request of the land, Cox said.

Cox and Councilman Albert Simmons previously approached TxDOT about the land, and the state agency denied the request, Cox said.

A representative from TxDOT told Cox and Simmons that it no longer approves requests because it does not want to get into land disputes between neighboring cities, Cox said.

A second way to annex the land would be to place the annexation on the city's agenda and let the item ride for two years to see if it generates any inquires or problems from neighboring cities, Cox said. If it does not, the land is annexed.

The city, however, should meet with Belton officials and discuss Nolanville annexing the land that adjoins Belton's ETJ.

"All we have to do is provide police protection," Cox said. "We already provide fire protection out there, and we don't have to provide water, because WCID 3 (Bell County Water Control and Improvement District No. 3) provides the water."

The time could be less if Belton agrees to the annexation, said Nolanville Police Chief Lester Holsey Jr.

Council member Emma McCullough was excited about the possibility to annex the land. This is "what are we waiting for," McCullough said.

The council also:

Approved an ordinance to deny the proposed rate change by Oncor Electric Delivery Co. LLC.

Approved the contract between the city of Nolanville and Rinehart Real Estate Inspection.

Approved a resolution authorizing a grant request be sent on behalf of Bell County WCID 3.

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