By Mason W. Canales

Killeen Daily Herald

With 14 years of training in medicine, five of which were spent specializing in radiology, plus another 15 years in the medical radiology field, the new chief of staff at Metroplex Hospital knows how to stay busy.

Dr. Frederick Barnett, a diagnostic radiologist for Metroplex, took charge as the hospital's chief of staff in mid-December. He previously served as the hospital's chief of staff between 2002 and 2004. He is also husband and father of two, and operates a local sports team.

"I have a lot going on, but I have good support, including the wife, so I can do it," Barnett said.

As chief of staff, Barnett feels that his duties are to keep a healthy relationship between the hospital's medical staff and the hospital's administration, he said.

"I really see myself as a liaison between the medical staff and the administration," Barnett said. "I have always said you lead, follow, or get out of the way."

By keeping this healthy relationship between the two hospital entities, Barnett believes that it will strengthen the care Metroplex can provide to its patients.

"Quality patient care, that is my focus," he said.

Being a doctor has been one of Barnett's lifelong dreams, and his love for his work has a diagnostic radiologist has grown from that dream, he said.

"I contend that it was the smartest choice of I have ever made," Barnett said.

Barnett first went into radiology during his rotations in medical school, he said. His interest in the specialty soon blossomed.

"Well, I find it fascinating that the earlier you are able to diagnosis your disease, the better chances there are for curing that disease," he said.

Each type of scan – CT, mammograms and other X-ray imaging – all have their strong points of detecting medical issues, Barnett said. And a diagnostic radiologist has to know all the different area of the anatomy in this academic type of medicine, he added.

"You are almost playing detective ..." Barnett said. "I thought that it would be very challenging speciality, so I thought that would be right for me."

Barnett's passion for radiology also can be seen through his membership to the educational advisory committee for Toshiba, where he traveled across the country for Toshiba America Medical Systems Speaker's Bureau training other radiologist and cardiologist.

Family is another of Barnett's passions. He enjoys spending his time away from the computer enhanced images with his wife, Krystyn Barnett; son Frederick, 12; and daughter, Alexandria, 10; he said.

"With my time in radiology, my time with my family is very important to me," Barnett said.

The ownership of the Barracudas is something that Barnett believes fell upon him out of the desire to help the local community.

"It is something that I have really thought about running," Barnett said. "I really think it was something that was laid on my shoulders ... It was just a way that I could see to help support the community."

The Barracudas gives Barnett a chance to reach out to the community by providing a positive role model for children and teenagers and allowing young men a chance to follow their dreams to become professional athlete, Barnett said.

"It is a lot of stuff but I do have a lot of people to help me," Barnett said.

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