By Jennifer Phonexayphova

Killeen Daily Herald

HARKER HEIGHTS – The Planning and Zoning Commission approved an ordinance to change the zoning designation on property located at 913 Maplewood Drive in Wildewood Acres. The ordinance will change the property from a one-family dwelling district to a two-family dwelling district.

Director of Planning and Development Ray Shanaa said with the re-zoning, the land can be used to build three duplex homes.

"There was an old subdivision that was mostly dilapidated manufactured housing, and it had been there for years," Shanaa said. Being in close proximity to Harker Heights High School and two major throughways – Farm-to-Market 2410 and Verna Lee Road – Shanaa said they were wanting to make the area more desirable for development.

With the ability to put in duplex housing, the area will be better looking, as well as being able to raise more tax revenue, he said.

Shanaa said 40 notices were sent out to residents living within 40 feet of the property, but no one responded.

The commission also gave conditional approval for a preliminary plat of the White Rock Estates subdivision after a survey was conducted by Killeen Engineering & Surveying.

White Rock Estates crosses city boundaries between Harker Heights and Killeen. While the majority of the subdivision is situated in Killeen, a 17-lot subdivision of approximately 9.85 acres is situated in Heights and must meet its city codes.

The commission agreed that the construction company, Gary W. Purser Construction Ltd., and city staff must come to an agreement on the following issues before construction can begin: 6-foot concrete valley gutters are required at all street intersections; and proper cross-flow drainage must be ensured.

Public Works Director Mark Hyde said that Gary Purser had already agreed to install the gutters; all that is left to be done is to go out to the site to determine the exact alignment of the concrete aprons for drainage.

Hyde said the city has had a good working relationship with Purser in the past and said they were willing to comply with the site visit.

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