By Jimmie Ferguson

Killeen Daily Herald

Instead of a message on how to run a city, the Woodway City Manager had some tips on law enforcement Friday for the 26 graduates of the 80th Basic Peace Officer Course at the Central Texas Regional Police Academy.

Dressed in a complete police uniform, Woodway City Manager Yost Zakhary told the cadets that having the right doesnt give you the right.

You see, the greatest difficulty in life is going to be choice, said Zakhary, who graduated 24 years ago from the police academy and said he will always be a police officer.

Zakhary said being a police officer is a very rewarding career.

I have had many, many opportunities to do lots of jobs and do lots of things, Zakhary said. But what I am most proud of is the fact I am a police officer. I was a police officer in Woodway before anything else, and thats the job I love.

Graduates, if you have not, each of you will be taking an oath of office, Zakhary said. It includes ethics. It includes conduct you are going to be expected to carry, and that you ought to support and be loyal to the department where you may work.

Zakhary also told the graduates that as police officers, they now have a tremendous amount of power.

Use it wisely. Use it with great discretion, because the decisions that you will be making will be affecting people moms, dads, brothers, sisters and all sorts of family members, Zakhary said. Dont take that responsibility lightly. Its a very, very important responsibility.

Other advice Zakhary had for the graduates was to treat others with respect, build a support group that doesnt only include police officers and dont be interested in just looking good without being good.

Cadet Michael Meadows of the Temple Police Department, who received the class Academics Award, told his class and guests that the days of the good ole boys in police work are long gone.

Todays peace officer has to be more mentally prepared for the many obstacles he or she will face on the streets, said Meadows, who delivered the class message.

Meadows said they had finally reached that point for them to put to use what they had learned.

Lets not take the knowledge we learned and be satisfied, Meadows said. Lets use it to help make a difference.

The academy also recognized Shawn C. Bushee of the Woodway Public Safety Department with the Hot Wheels Award for his outstanding ability on the driving course and Stewart K. Welch of the Round Rock Police Department with the Top Gun Award for his marksmanship skills.

The graduating class selected Steven G. Regula of the Temple Police Department as the most professional and dedicated cadet and the person they most emulate.

The class also selected Officer Steven Baskerville of the Temple Police Department to receive the Best Instructor Award.

The other graduates included: William C. Mahlstedt of the Killeen Fire Department; Travis L. Becker, Michael D. Green and Ranger T. Payne, all of the Harker Heights Police Department; Leonard D. Grahn, David C. Lanier and Jacorby A. Smith, all of Copperas Cove Police Department; and Brian K. Vanderpool of the Nolanville Police Department.

The graduates also included Stephen R. Bugg, David R. Morales, Dexter O. King Sr., Craig A. Reed and Nicolas W. Taylor, all of the Temple Police Department; Larry D. Alderson, Jason K. Cox, Tammy L. Walton and Randy P. Word, all of Williamson County Sheriffs Office; Lance G. Bilski of the Llano Police Department; Nolan R. Schaffer of the Woodway Public Safety Department; Holly L. Kline of the Burnet Police Department; Justin L. Slone of the Coryell County Sheriffs Office; and James W. Woodward of the Milam County Sheriffs Office.

At 7 p.m. Friday, the following cadets graduated from the CTCs Extended Basic Peace Officer course: Ronald Aguilar, Georgiana Cleverley, Michelle Cortez, Miranda Dvorak, Natalie Flores, Wesley Friedrich, Leslie Ganaway, James Gibson, Robert Harrell, Antonio Lovato, Roger Mcgehee, Fidel Morua, Eric Porter, Orin Simpson, Carl Taylor and John Taylor.

The next Basic Peace Officer academy begins Oct. 4.

Orientation for the Extended Basic Peace Officer course will be Aug. 16, 18, 24 and 26 at 7 p.m. in Building 113, Room 104.

Basic Peace Officer prospective cadets must go to their local sponsoring agency.

For more information on the CTC Police Academy, call 526-1275 or visit

Contact Jimmie Ferguson at jfergu

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