By Jimmie Ferguson

Killeen Daily Herald

Killeen police offered Wednesday their account of Saturday's shooting of a resident's Rottweiler that resulted in the dog's death. The version differs from the owners' account of what happened.

Officers responded to 2721 Lewis St. in reference to a call for assistance from a Killeen animal control officer, who said the residents, Tommi and DeWayne Paden, threatened to "sic" their Rottweiler dog on him if he attempted to enter their yard, said Carroll Smith, the Killeen police spokeswoman.

"The animal control officer was at this residence in reference to a complaint of the dog running loose in the neighborhood," Smith said.

Smith said the owner motioned the police officer and animal control officer to enter the yard to speak with her.

"During the officer's investigation, an adult Rottweiler forced his way out of the residence past the owner who was unable to restrain the dog," Smith said.

"The dog escaped through the doorway and charged the officer, as the owner was verbally attempting to command the dog to return to the house," Smith said. "The officer continued to retreat from the dog while repeatedly telling the owners to restrain him. The dog continued toward the officer and was not obeying the owner's commands.

"The officer drew his service weapon when the dog was within approximately 3 feet of him and fired once, striking the animal, causing it to fall to the ground."

Smith said the wounded animal was euthanized within 20 minutes, at the owner's request, by the animal control officer at the scene after the owners declined repeated offers to transport the animal to a veterinarian for medical treatment.

The investigation revealed that animal control had responded to numerous complaints about this dog running loose and officers have seen the dog's aggressive behavior in the past while in the area responding to calls, Smith said.

Owners of the dog, named Brutus, said Tuesday that the animal did not make any aggressive moves toward the officer.

Neighbors also said Tuesday the dog was mild-mannered.

"All it was doing was barking ... wasn't attacking him or nothing," next-door neighbor Ray Ridgdill said.

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