Registration begins in Killeen district

Herald/DAVID MORRIS - Zach Moseley, a freshman at Harker Heights High School, admires his new student ID as he leaves the summer school registration site with his mother, Paula, Monday morning. Summer School registration at Ellison High School continues today with Juniors and underclassmen throughout the rest of the week.

By Desiree Johnson

Killeen Daily Herald

While many of their peers were outside enjoying the summer weather, some students in Killeen lined up for the first day of summer school registration at Ellison High School on Monday.

"It's been a steady flow and was really busy this morning," said Doug Thorp, Killeen Independent School District summer school director. "We're expecting 1,700 students but it grows every year and we just won't really know until the end of the week."

Not only are registration numbers rising this year, but the summer school system has split into two departments on two campuses.

Students registering for credit recovery will report to the Ellison High School campus. These classes are free to Killeen ISD students who need make up credits lost during the school year.

Students working to get ahead by enrolling in credit acceleration classes will be working at Union Grove Middle School. Acceleration courses are $150 per session and $300 for a full credit.

In addition to the two summer school departments, there will also be an eighth-grade math camp that is expected to have high numbers as well.

Thankfully, the high registration hasn't caused any problems when it comes to space and teachers.

"We have a list of teachers who are all willing to teach summer school," Thorp said. "They all want to be here and help the kids."

Registration for elementary summer school took place on Thursday and Friday. Current eighth-graders and 12th-graders registered Monday; current 11th-graders register today; current 10th-graders on Wednesday; and current ninth-graders on Thursday. Registration is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Ellison High School.

For more information, check the KISD Web site at or call (254) 501-0000.

Contact Desiree Johnson at or (254) 501-7559.

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