Several hundred armed gun rights activists rally at the Alamo - Texas - Mobile Adv

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Several hundred armed gun rights activists rally at the Alamo

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Jefsr: As in the case of the Temple PD violating CJs rights SAPD Chief McManus violated the Constitutional Rights of the three law-abiding citizens that were recently charged at Starbucks for carrying their rifles.

What is NOT being reported is the fact that SAPD Chief McManus is being sued in Federal Court for violating the rights of other law-abiding citizens he banned from City Hall and public meetings in violation of the Constitution and the Texas Open Meeting Act.

San Antonio TX Mayor Julian Castro ( Obama campaign co-manager) , city attorney Michael Bernard ( brother of White House Social Secretary Jeremy Bernard) and SAPD Chief William McManus are being sued in Federal Court for Constitutional violations after they banned a law-abiding citizen from City Hall and public meetings for almost four years in an effort to conceal public/police corruption. Along with Councilman Diego Bernal, Councilman Cris Medina, IT Director Miller, etc .they have been reported to the DOJ, HUD, the FBI, etc. for helping cover-up decades of grant fraud, bond fraud, theft, falsification of government documents, perjury, obstruction, theft/misuse of 911 funds ( 25% failure rate for emergency calls) , Open Meeting violations, two” frauds upon the court” - 2009 and 2013 financed with tax dollars, HUD theft/fraud where city persons submitted false statements to federal investigators in case HL-10-0465, etc…

The Free-Speech / Freedom of Assembly lawsuit is moving forward and former City Telecommunications Manager John E Foddrill Sr obtained the representation of a Dallas TX law firm. US District Judge Xavier Rodriguez has denied the City’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit …5:13-cv-00051…stating- " Each day that Plaintiff was allegedly barred from accessing public facilities he suffered a constitutional injury" and “the fact that for close to four years Plaintiff was prohibited from exercising his rights to free speech and assembly".

Citizens continue to demand that criminal charges be filed concerning the criminal activity including the theft and misuse of City, County, State and Federal funds.

Sunday, October 20, 2013, 2:54 pm