AUSTIN — Texas voters have ratified all seven amendments proposed to the state Constitution.

No statewide offices were up for grabs on Tuesday’s ballot, and congressional and legislative elections are still a year away.

The seven amendments range from issues related to property tax exemptions for disabled veterans to reducing restrictions on Texans borrowing against equity in their homes.

Proposition 7 lets banks and credit unions offer raffles and other prizes to people opening savings accounts.

Records show the Texas Legislature has proposed 673 constitutional amendments, with 491 approved by voters, 179 defeated and three failing to make the ballot for “reasons that are historically obscure.” That’s according to a report by the Texas Legislative Council.

The changes to the Texas Constitution were first proposed by the Legislature through joint resolutions that received a minimum of 100 votes in the House and 21 votes in the Senate. Each amendment must be approved by a majority of voters to pass.

Here’s a look at the amendments:

Proposition One: This allows a partially disabled veteran or surviving spouse to a partial property tax exemption if the home was donated at no cost to the veteran. The percentage of the tax exemption would correlate to the percentage of disability of the veteran.

Proposition Two: This eases restrictions on borrowing against home equity, according to the Texas Tribune.

Proposition Three: If an unsalaried appointee’s term expires when the Legislature is not in regular session, the person will continue to serve until the next legislative session has ended.

Proposition Four: This requires courts to notify the Texas attorney general of any constitutional challenges to state laws.

Proposition Five: This expands the definition of a “professional sports team” to allow team-connected foundations to hold charitable raffles.

Proposition Six: This allows surviving spouses of first responders killed in the line of duty to be eligible for a property tax exemption. The spouse would be eligible only if he or she has not remarried. A spouse who moves to a new home would still eligible for an equivalent tax exemption.

Proposition Seven: This will allow banks and other financial institutions to hold a raffle or award prizes to encourage savings.

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