Texas has more than 180 public symbols of the Confederacy. Explore them here.

The Confederate Soldiers' Monument on the south lawn of the state Capitol in Austin.

John Jordan for The Texas Tribune

Texas has more than 180 public symbols of the Confederacy, with dozens of monuments dedicated during or after the Civil Rights era. 

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center — a nonprofit legal organization that monitors hate groups — the symbols take the form of schools, roads, monuments and even county names spread across the state. The center lists just Virginia as having more symbols than Texas. 

Several entries on this list may not be around for much longer. For example, the Austin City Council has begun the process of renaming Robert E. Lee Road. But many others remain untouched. The Texas Tribune reported last August that many school districts with schools named after Confederate figures have not considered changing anything

In the weeks following violent rallies by white supremacists in Charlottesville, public attention on symbols of the Confederacy has reached a fever pitch. In the late hours on Sunday, the University of Texas at Austin began removing three confederate statues from its campus grounds. And over the weekend, hundreds of protesters rallied against Confederate monuments in Houston and Dallas

The list at the bottom of this page outlines known Confederate symbols in Texas. Most of this list, which is incomplete, comes from the Southern Poverty Law Center. Several monuments, schools and roads have been added through reader submissions. Help us further fill this list by sending us the name of Confederate symbols we're missing. Just click the button below to send us the symbols located near you.

CityName of SymbolType of SymbolYear of Dedication
AbileneJackson Elementary SchoolSchool1952
AbileneLee Elementary SchoolSchool1961
AbileneJohnston Elementary SchoolSchoolN/A
AlpineGeneral Lawrence "Sul" RossMonument1963
AlpineConfederate Colonel Henry P. BrewsterMonument/Courthouse1963
AlpineSul Ross State UniversitySchoolN/A
AmarilloConfederate MonumentMonument1931
AmarilloLee Elementary SchoolSchoolN/A
AspermontStonewall CountyCounty1888
AspermontCounty Named for Confederate Hero Stonewall JacksonMonument/Courthouse1963
AthensHenderson County Confederate MomumentMonument1964
AustinJohn H. Reagan State Office BuildingBuildingN/A
AustinConfederate Soldiers MonumentMonument/Gov. Property1903
AustinTerry's Texas Rangers MonumentMonument/Gov. Property1907
AustinHood's Texas Brigade MonumentMonument/Gov. Property1910
AustinJohn H. Reagan High SchoolSchool1965
AustinConfederate Heroes DayHolidayN/A
AustinJeff Davis AvenueRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
AustinRobert E. Lee RoadRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
BastropHome Town of Texas Confederate Major Joseph D. SayersMonument/Courthouse1963
Bay CityConfederate MonumentMonument/Courthouse1913
BaytownLee High SchoolSchool1928
BaytownLee CollegeSchool1934
BeaumontOur Confederate SoldiersMonument1912
BeltonConfederate MonumentMonument/Courthouse1916
BellmeadConfederate MemorialMonumentN/A
Big LakeReagan CountyCounty1903
BonhamConfederate MonumentMonument/Courthouse1905
BrownfieldTerry CountyCounty1904
BrownsvilleJefferson Davis MemorialMonument1926
BrownsvilleRobert E. Lee Youth BuildingBuildingN/A
BreckenridgeStephens CountyCounty 
CanadianHemphill CountyCounty1877
CanyonRandall CountyCounty1889
ClarendonDonley CountyCounty1882
ClarksvilleConfederate SoldierMonument1912
CleburneJohnson CountyCounty1867
CleburneCity of CleburneMunicipality1871
CleburneConfederate MonumentMonument/Courthouse1917
CleburneCity Named for Confederate General Patrick CleburneMonument/Courthouse1964
CleburneCleburne MonumentMonument2010
ColemanHometown of Texas Confederate Colonel James E. McCordMonument1963
ConroeBeauregard DriveRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
ConroeJubal Early LaneRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
ConroeStonewall Jackson DriveRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
CorsicanaA Call to ArmsMonument/Courthouse1909
CrowellFoard CountyCounty1891
College StationSul Ross StatueMonumentN/A
CueroGeneral August C. Buchel MonumentMonument/Courthouse1963
DallasGeneral Robert E. Lee and Confederate Soldier StatueMonument1936
DallasStonewall Jackson Elementary SchoolSchool1939
DallasRobert E. Lee ParkParkN/A
DallasAlbert Sidney Johnston Elementary SchoolSchoolN/A
DallasJohn H. Reagan Elementary SchoolSchoolN/A
DallasRobert E. Lee Elementary SchoolSchoolN/A
DentonConfederate MonumentMonument/Courthouse1918
DentonLee Elementary SchoolSchool1988
DriftwoodCamp Ben McCullochParkN/A
Eagle PassRobert E. Lee Elementary SchoolSchoolN/A
EdinburgLee Elementary SchoolSchoolN/A
El PasoHometown of Texas Confederate Captain James W. MagoffinMonument1964
El PasoMajor Simeon HartMonument1964
El PasoRobert E. Lee RoadRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
El PasoLee Elementary SchoolSchoolN/A
FarmersvilleConfederate SoldierMonument1917
Fort DavisJeff Davis CountyCounty1887
Fort DavisCity of Fort DavisMunicipalityN/A
Fort DavisFort Davis AEC SchoolSchoolN/A
Fort DavisFort Davis High SchoolSchoolN/A
Fort HoodFort HoodMilitary Base1942
Fort WorthConfederate MonumentMonument/Courthouse1953
Fort WorthJefferson Davis ParkParkN/A
GainesvilleConfederate HeroesMonument1908
GainesvilleConfederate Soldier MonumentMonument/Courthouse1911
GainesvilleRobert E. Lee Intermediate SchoolSchoolN/A
GalvestonDignified Resignation MonumentMonument/Courthouse1912
GeorgetownConfederate MonumentMonument/Courthouse1916
GiddingsLee CountyCounty1874
GoldthwaiteConfederate MonumentMonument/Courthouse1915
GonzalesConfederate MonumentMonument/Courthouse1909
GrahamConfederate MemorialMonument/Courthouse1916
GranburyHood CountyCounty1866
GranburyCity of GranburyMunicipality1887
Grand PrairieRobert E. Lee Elementary SchoolSchool1948
GreenvilleConfederate SoldierMonument1926
HamiltonStonewall Jackson RoadRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
HemphillConfederate StreetRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
HemphillStonewall StreetRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
HillsboroConfederate SoldierMonument/Courthouse1925
HollidayStonewall Jackson Camp 249Monument1999
HollidayStonewall Jackson CampgroundParkN/A
HollidayStonewall RoadRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
HoustonRobert E. Lee RoadRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
HoustonRobert Lee RoadRoad/Street/Highway 
HuntRobert E. Lee RoadRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
HuntsvilleWalker County Civil War MemorialMonument/Courthouse1956
JacksonvilleJeff Davis StreetRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
JeffersonConfederate MemorialMonument/Courthouse1907
JeffersonConfederate Soldier StatueMonument/Courthouse1907
KaufmanConfederate MonumentMonument/Courthouse1911
KermitWinkler CountyCounty1910
KermitColonel C.M. WinklerMonument1963
KermitEast Winkler StreetRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
LockhartConfederate MonumentMonumentN/A
Lake JacksonO.M. Roberts Elementary SchoolSchoolN/A
LakesideConfederate Park RoadRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
LancasterSite of Confederate Arms FactoryMonument/Gov. Property1936
League CityJeb Stuart DriveRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
LevellandRobert Lee StreetRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
LibertyConfederate StreetRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
LivingstonRobert E. Lee RoadRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
LlanoConfederate Soldier MonumentMonument/Courthouse1916
LongviewGregg CountyCounty1873
LongviewConfederate HeroesMonument/Courthouse1911
LubbockLubbock CountyCountyN/A
MarshallConfederate MonumentMonument1906
MarshallConfederate Capitol of MissouriMonument1963
MarshallHome of Last Texas Confederate Governor Pendleton MurrahMonument1963
MarshallHome Town of Texas Confederate General Elkanah GreerMonument/Courthouse1963
MarshallJeff Davis StreetRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
MarshallStonewall DriveRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
MarshallRobert E. Lee Elementary SchoolSchoolN/A
MemphisWWI and Confederate Soldier MonumentMonument/Courthouse1924
MiamiRoberts CountyCounty1889
MiamiColonel O.M. RobertsMonument1963
MidlandLee Freshman High SchoolSchool1961
MidlandLee High SchoolSchool1961
Missouri CityBeauregard CourtRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
Missouri CityBedford Forrest DriveRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
Missouri CityBreckinridge CourtRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
Missouri CityConfederate DriveRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
Missouri CityPickett PlaceRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
Mount PleasantConfederate Soldier StatueMonument/Courthouse1911
MultipleJefferson Davis HighwayRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
OdessaEctor CountyCounty1891
PasadenaJackson Jr. HighSchoolN/A
PalestineJohn H. Reagan StatueMonument1911
PalestineJohn H. Reagan ParkParkN/A
PampaGray CountyCounty1902
ParisConfederate Monument (Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, Albert SidneyJohnston, Stonewall Jackson)Monument/Courthouse1903
PecosReeves CountyCounty1884
PerrytonOchiltree CountyCounty1889
Port ArthurLee Elementary SchoolSchool1959
Port AtthurDick Dowling MonumentMonumentN/A
RankinUpton CountyCounty1910
RichmondJeb Stuart DriveRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
RichmondJeff Davis DriveRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
RichmondStonewall DriveRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
RidgleyBedford Forrest LaneRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
Robert LeeCity of Robert LeeMunicipalityN/A
Robert LeeRobert Lee Elementary SchoolSchoolN/A
Robert LeeRobert Lee High SchoolSchoolN/A
RomaRobert Lee AvenueRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
RosenbergB.F. Terry High SchoolSchoolN/A
San AngeloTom Green CountyCounty1875
San AngeloLee Middle SchoolSchool1949
San AngeloBeauregard AvenueRoadN/A
San AntonioLest We Forget Our DeadMonument1899
San AntonioConfederate MonumentMonument1900
San AntonioLee High SchoolSchool1958
San AntonioBeauregard StreetRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
San AntonioRobert E. Lee StreetRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
SandersonTerrell CountyCounty1905
ShermanConfederate SoldierMonument1897
SnyderScurry CountyCounty1884
SnyderTexas Confederate William R. Scurry MonumentMonument/Courthouse1963
SonoraSutton CountyCounty1890
Sterling CityRobert Lee HighwayRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
StonewallCity of StonewallMunicipalityN/A
StonewallStonewall Elementary SchoolSchoolN/A
SweetwaterRobert Lee StreetRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
TexarkanaConfederate Mothers MonumentMonument1918
TomballConfederate Powder Mill MarkerMonument1966
TylerRobert E. Lee High SchoolSchool1958
TylerRobert E. Lee DriveRoadN/A
TylerHubbard Middle SchoolSchool1964
TylerJeb Stuart DriveRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
TylerJeff Davis DriveRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
TylerConfederate Soldier MonumentMonumentN/A
TylerConfederate AvenueRoadN/A
VegaOldham CountyCounty1881
VernonConfederate MonumentMonument/Courthouse1916
VictoriaConfederate FlagFlag1912
VictoriaConfederate MonumentMonument1912
VictoriaRobert E. Lee RoadRoad/Street/HighwayN/A
WeatherfordConfederate MonumentMonument/Courthouse1915
WhartonConfederate Veterans MemorialMonumentN/A

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Interesting how the biggest monument to the confederacy in the state of Texas is somehow invisible to the KDH. I don't think it's on purpose as much as it's literally blindlingly obvious. Fort Hood was named for General Hood a premier general fighting on the side of the Confederate States of America and in support of slavery. Changing the name of that Fort would more than equal taking down every other single monument to the Confederacy in Texas combined. I bet most people who serve in the military, especially African Americans don't realize that every day they serve there, they are honoring the memory of that Confederate General who fought to keep their ancestors in chains.

Dr Strangelove

Look at the dates all put up during the segregated South but for one. Oh what about Fort Hood?


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