By Sarah Chacko

Killeen Daily Herald

Plans change, even plans for where city streets will go.

Killeen City Council will review the citys thoroughfare plan today to decide if a minor change will be beneficial to an area development.

The council will meet at 6 p.m. in City Hall at 101 N. College St.

The meeting will be preceded by a workshop at 4 p.m.

The thoroughfare plan is exactly as it states. Its a plan, said Councilman Tim Hancock.

Hancock, chairman of the transportation committee, said it might be a change for the better but wanted to wait until the committee meets today to discuss the final proposed changes.

The plan is a general guide but it can be changed as needs change, he said.

According to a council memo to revise the plan, developer Gary Purser Jr. requested in October that the transportation committee consider amending the configuration of the interior collector streets that cross his development, south of the Jamesway Subdivision and west of Trimmier Road.

Purser is developing 90 acres in the first phase of the Trimmier Estates for single-family and duplex use.

In that area, the thoroughfare plan currently provides for two north-south collectors one running through the Jamesway Subdivision from Stan Schlueter Loop and another at Stagecoach Road which meet with an east-west collector that runs from Omar Drive on Fort Hood Street to Trimmier Road.

Purser asked the committee to consider eliminating all of the collectors within his subdivision.

Though Purser and city staff agreed the north-south collector from Jamesway and the section of the east-west collector that includes Omar Drive should be removed because they were not designed to function as collectors, staff did not want to remove all the collectors.

The transportation committees recommendation as of Monday was to move the east-west collector further south and keep only half of the north-south collector to Stagecoach Road, eliminating the half that intersected with Stan Schlueter Loop.

Councilman Dick Young said even though the thoroughfare plan is just a guide, he has some concerns about removing the collector street that comes out on Stan Schlueter Loop.

Im not sure we benefit from not having more ways out of that subdivision, he said.

In other business, the council will hold a public hearing to approve the plat of more than nine acres located at 1600 Lowes Boulevard, which the applicant has indicated would be used for a mixed commercial strip center, including a Kohls retail store.

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