By Rose Luna

Killeen Daily Herald

Imagine a "Saturday Night Live" rendition of William Shakespeare's famed tragedy "MacBeth."

Everything goes wrong. The witches take over the storytelling, Queen Duncan would rather open a doughnut franchise than die, Lady M's a bloodthirsty June Cleaver, and the murderers are preoccupied with creating a commercial for their services.

The premise is definitely silly in Allison Williams "MmmBeth," a parody on Shakespeare's play, which 17 local students will perform today at 1 p.m. at Vive Les Arts in Killeen.

The play is the culmination of the weeklong Shakespeare camp that VLA hosts annually. The purpose of the theater camp is to introduce youngsters to Shakespeare's plays as well as the playwright as a person.

In her fourth year as the director of Shakespeare camp, Jill Couri focused on blocking – choreographed movements for theater – and reading through "MmmBeth" rather than theatrical technique.

"The themes (in MacBeth') are really not for kids this young.

MmmBeth' really just brushes the surface of some of those themes," Couri said.

Although it may seem hard to imagine 12-year-olds fighting out one of the bloodiest plays Shakespeare wrote, Couri assured the parody is harmless in its dialogue and stage directions.

"There were some mixed reactions and concerns over the dialogue (in MmmBeth'), but it's very benign and harmless," said Couri, theater teacher for Harker Heights High School.

Today's performance is free and open to the public.

The Shakespeare summer camp is open to children ages 12 through 18.

For more information, call VLA at 526-9090.

Contact Rose Luna at or call (254) 501-7469

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