By Jacqueline Brown

Killeen Daily Herald

Texans for Lawsuit Reform is lashing out at Republican District 54 state representative candidate Dan Corbin again, this time by questioning his qualifications for the position.

The political action committee released a flier accusing Corbin of misleading the voters about his background as a certified public accountant. The flier said Corbins CPA license was suspended for five years starting in 1995 for failing to meet the minimum continuing professional education standards set by the state.

Its one thing to have an administrative hiccup, its another thing to have a license suspended for five years, said Matt Welch, director of TLR. He should have been more forthcoming to the public and let them know that for a period of time he was not a licensed CPA.

Welch said it all goes back to the issue of trustworthiness of political candidates, which he believes Corbin forfeited by misleading voters about his opposition to lawsuit reform.

However, Corbin said his position on lawsuit reform has always been well-known.

Ive been on the radio debating Proposition 12 since 2003, he said, referring to legislation that limits non-economic damages against health-care providers. Ive never misled a person.

In addition, Corbin said he chose not to renew his CPA license because a $100 occupational tax had been added for attorneys and CPAs.

I hadnt done anything that required a CPA license since 1983, and I still havent, he said.

Corbin said he renewed his license in 2000 to retain membership in the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants. He discovered that he had colon cancer, and he had a $450,000 group term life insurance policy with the organization.

If I didnt get colon cancer, I dont know if I would have ever gotten it renewed, he said.

Corbin said the accusations in the TLR flyer are absurd and should be illegal.

This is mean-spirited and deceitful and it embarrasses me that these people are Republicans, he said. This is a classic example of whats wrong with government.

TLR first blasted Corbin concerning his opposition to tort reform. The organization printed a flier with the message Sorry Dan and a letter from District 59 state Rep. Sid Miller, R-Stephenville, renouncing his support for Corbin.

The letter said Proposition 12 was supported overwhelmingly by the Republican members of the Texas House and the majority of Texans, including those in District 54.

Your stated opposition to lawsuit reform in general and Proposition 12 specifically cause me to have grave concerns about your promise to me to be a true conservative and to support the values and philosophy of the Republican Party, Miller wrote.

Meanwhile, Corbins campaign is centered on his opposition to campaign contributions from lobbyists, special interests and PACs like TLR. He said the corrupt influences from these organizations prevents elected officials from making decisions based on facts and the best interests of their constituents.

He also pointed out that Miller accepted more than $105,000 from TLR in one election cycle.

One of the platforms I ran on before I was ever elected to the Texas House was that I was going to support lawsuit reform, Miller said. Thats always been my stance money or no money.

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