On Thursday, the city of Killeen began dismantling a 50-year-old water tower, which sat unused for seven years in the Fowler neighborhood.

The 125-foot structure at 112 N. Eighth St. will be completely dismantled by Sunday, said Danielle Durbin, a city spokeswoman.

Individuals are asked to exercise caution while in the area.

Built in 1961, the tower once held 1 million gallons of water. Throughout the years, the city’s water system expanded into other parts of the city, rendering the tower unnecessary by 2005, Durbin said, adding that the city decided to remove the tower for safety reasons.

“If it stays there, it will become a safety hazard,” Durbin said. “It needs to go.”

Terry Lee Knight, who was born in downtown Killeen in the 1960s, said she has lived her whole life in the shadow of the water tower.

Knight said she remembers seeing the tower throughout her childhood, while attending Fowler Elementary School, and using it as a point of reference to navigate her neighborhood as a pre-teen.

“It’s a part of the landscape of this area of Killeen,” Knight said. “For 50 years this has been like an icon.”

After the structure is dismantled, the city may incorporate the property, located near the corner of West Trimmer Road and East Fowler Avenue, into Phyllis Park, which lies adjacent to it.

“Nothing is set in stone, but it may be passed down to parks and recreation,” Durbin said.

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Its amazing how the KDH reporters get so many things wrong in their articles.

This water tower is not located on N Eighth St, but on South Eighth Street...probably in the 1100 block...off of a dead-end street.

I'm still trying to figure out what the KDH reporters consider downtown Killeen. To most of us oldtimers, downtown Killeen lies North of Business 190, South of Rancier Ave, East of College St, and West of 10th St.

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