A young boy was hospitalized Friday after being struck by a car while riding a bike in Killeen.

Two boys were riding a single bike near the intersection of Cedarhill Drive and Westcliff Road when they were hit by a vehicle, Killeen police said.

One boy was trapped under the vehicle and was rescued by neighbors who witnessed the collision. Police at the scene said neither boy was wearing a helmet.

“It was really bad,” said Kalogano Davis, who witnessed the accident. “I never had seen anything like that before.”

Both boys were younger than 10. One was transported to McLane Children’s Hospital Scott & White in Temple. His condition was not known at press time. The Killeen Police Department’s traffic division is investigating the crash. No charges had been filed Friday.

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My son was the one that got hit and can over by the car he was trapped under her tire till the people that seen it lifted the car and pulled him out till ems got there im so thankful that it wasn't worse then it was. He is doin better just in a wheelchair and cant walk on his leg. And yes he was also a pedestrian on a sidewalk the car was at a stop sign and he went to cross and she said she didn't see him and went also and ran him over she didn't even kno he was under the car till they was telling her to stop because she was hurting my son . And the cops didn't even press charges on her wth I could of swore that a pedestrian has the right of way........


"Car Hits Boys On Bike In Killeen".
Where an article about the cop who hit a pedestrian at midnight, supposedly responding for an emergency but no lights or siren??

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