Thanks to an $80,000 federal grant, the Killeen Police Department will begin stepping up traffic patrols soon.

The department is activating its overtime program funded by a federal Selected Traffic Enforcement Program grant it received in August.

Assistant KPD Chief Larry Longwell said police will increase patrols along U.S. Highway 190, Central Texas Expressway, Veterans Memorial Boulevard, W.S. Young Drive, Clear Creek Road and Trimmier Road.

Longwell said particular areas of the city were chosen based on a comparison analysis of posted speed laws and the percentage of motorists who don’t comply with the posted speed limits.

The $81,600 grant will allow police to work on an overtime basis to address the city’s problem areas.

Police also will use some of the funds to crack down on drunken drivers citywide.

The Killeen City Council amended its fiscal year 2014 budget to increase its general fund revenues and expenditures in the police department’s budget to allow for the issuance of the funds.

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Glad to hear this---There are people here from all over the country and the world, They bring the different driving habits with them.
Can't say there's no one who doesn't need to be written up.


More money for the cops to make victimless crimes. I can see DUI stops but most stops are revenue stops. No victim, no crime.

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