HARKER HEIGHTS — The city needs an additional 23 feet of right-of-way access between the Choice Mart Convenience Store Exxon gas station and Forest Hills Drive to complete its improvements on Farm-to-Market 2410 between South Ann Boulevard and Commercial Drive.

On Tuesday, City Manager David Mitchell approved a resolution to contribute $58,746 in right-of-way funds, which is the 10 percent requirement of the $528,000 project.

Mark Hyde, director of public works, said the project involves widening the FM 2410 bridge over U.S. Highway 190 from five lanes to six lanes, and is currently underway.

The original scope called for seven lanes, but Hyde said Texas Department of Transportation officials opted to stripe the bridge for six lanes instead.

“In addition to the existing combination straight/left turn and straight only lane, bridge improvements will also include a left-turn-only lane on the southbound side,” he said. “On the northbound side of the bridge, the configuration will remain as one left-only lane; one combination straight/left-turn lane and one straight-lane only.”

A 6-foot, 8-inch-wide pedestrian sidewalk will be added to both sides of the bridge.

Future improvements

According to the TxDOT officials, future improvements on FM 2410 between the bridge and Forest Hills Drive include constructing six traffic lanes; past Forest Hills Drive the highway cross-section is yet to be determined.

Future improvements on FM 2410 between the bridge and Commercial Drive include constructing six traffic lanes; then past Commercial Drive, the highway will become four lanes with a center left-turn lane.

Hyde said TxDOT is responsible for the procurement of the right of way, to include scheduling necessary public hearings.

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