Road construction Interstate 14

The westbound lanes of U.S. Highway 190/Interstate 14 are seen.

Ongoing and new road construction is slated for the fall in west Bell County.

Ken Roberts, spokesman for the Texas Department of Transportation’s Waco District, said the projects will create safer environments for transportation and increase room for traffic to flow securely and efficiently.

“These projects add roadway capacity and increase safety in one of the fastest growing regions in Texas. The recent redesignation of U.S. (Highway) 190 as Interstate 14 is an indication of the importance of this Central Texas region to the state and the nation,” he said.

There will be an expansion of U.S. Highway 190/Interstate 14 from four to six lanes by adding a third lane within the existing median, from about one mile west of FM 2410 (near Knights Way) in Harker Heights to FM 3423 (Indian Trail) in Harker Heights.

The entrance and exit ramps would also be adjusted and no additional right of way would be required. The project’s estimated cost will be $8 million and TxDOT will hold the letting and bidding process in December, which will allow the agency to get the most competitive pricing on a project and allows multiple businesses to compete for business with TxDOT. Construction could begin in spring 2018.

There will be a safety enhancement that will build safety treatments, for culvert-ends at cross drainage locations under the roadway and at adjoining private driveways along U.S. 190/I-14 from Paddy Hamilton Road (Nolanville) to I-35 in Belton.

The project’s estimated cost will be $2 million and TxDOT will hold the letting and bidding process in November. The possible construction will start in the spring.

“With Fort Hood, the largest military installation in the country, located in Bell and Coryell counties, TxDOT is challenged and proud to meet the demands of a growing population and economy with one of the safest and most efficient transportation infrastructures in the country,” Roberts said.

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