A work crew of about 15 “friends and family” was seen cleaning a home in the 600 block of Robertson Avenue in Copperas Cove after the new owner evicted “hoarders” who lived there about 10 years.

“We’re over 600 trash bags right now,” said the property owner, Juan Lopez, at 8:20 p.m. Friday. He and others spent the day removing trash, which was piled a few feet high in some places, after the couple moved out.

Lopez said he recently purchased the house in a tax sale.

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Yes, there are garbage horders around... terrible when they
leave their trash outside...especially in a nicer neighborhood. But there
is not much anyone can do, except notify governmental departments.
What I learned when trying to resolve a garbage dump being formed
in my neighborhood is these departments
have been very good at saying, its not in their jurisdiction and point to
another agency.
If these "types" of people want to live like in a 3rd world environment, I
am willing to chip in on their one way ticket to get them there, where they
would feel more comfortable in living.


The woman next door informed me that there was also a rat problem in the house. She asked me if I had touched anything while walking on the sidewalk inbetween the house and the trash. I said no, and that is when she brought up that rats were there.[scared]


Trash comes in all forms---In trash bags and those who have and can live among it.

A Health Hazard for those living among these people who've caused this sanitation problem.

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