By Mason W. Canales

Killeen Daily Herald

The Harker Heights City Council will discuss trash issues once again at a 3 p.m. workshop today.

David Mitchell, Harker Heights Planning and Development director, will discuss with the City Council the city's solid waste ordinance specifically concerning trash pickup at four-plexes and higher volume residential structures and screening around dumpsters.

The issues were brought forth by resident Randy Everson in April.

Everson owns two four-plexes on a street with nothing but four-plexes, which he says is oftenovercome with litter, he said in a previous Herald article.

Residents set out their garbage too early, place it in bags or containers that are not strong enough, animals will tear into the containers, the wind will knock them down, or the trash will spread by other means, Everson said.

Because of the number of residences, it 'shard for code enforcement to find violators of the current ordinance, Mitchell said in a previous article.

The City Council spent two previous meetings discussing how to handle the trash situation.

The city's recommendation to curb the problem is to require a trash can and a lid that must be stenciled with the apartment number and the address, the ordinance's draft states. The lid would have to be secured to the can, and the cans must be placed in a catchment device out of public view on non-collection days.

At the last meeting about trash pickup, the City Council discussed removing a part of the ordinance which requires gates on screening around dumpsters.

A gate is prone to getting damaged and becoming more unsightly than the dumpsters themselves, Mitchell said.

Council members Mike Aycock and John Reider said they believe the gate serves a good purpose, but a problem either lies with the users or the construction of the dumpster area.

The draft of the ordinance Mitchell is discussing with the City Council today has some standard detail drawings for dumpster screenings.

The City Council also will discuss:

A presentation concerning an extended time simulation of water modeling.

A presentation concerning positions on the Central Texas Council of Governments and the HOP's Hill Country Transit District board.

The City Council will decide whether to change the zoning designation from secondary and highway business district to the same with a tavern overlay on the property at 116 E. Veterans Memorial Blvd.

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