By Kevin M. Smith

Killeen Daily Herald

Two Bell County roads are open after being closed for nearly two months, according to Texas Department of Transportation officials.

This week, Farm-to-Market 2484 and State Highway 317 reopened. Both were closed in early July because water from nearby lakes covered the roads. FM 2484 near Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir was closed and has reopened. SH 317 outside of Belton, in Temple, also has reopened.

"The water levels receded there," said Ken Roberts, spokesman for the Waco District of TxDOT.

Roberts said there was not enough damage to warrant repairs.

Meanwhile, work on one Bell County road will wrap up soon as work on another begins.

Gooseneck Road, near the Hackberry Road intersection south of Salado, is scheduled to have repairs completed at the end of this week or early next week, Bell County Engineer Richard Macchi said. Crews are nearly ready for the final step of paving a 1,000-foot stretch of the road.

Work began this week on Gooseneck. Macchi said the road has not and will not be closed during repairs.

"We just work around traffic," Macchi said.

Work will begin next week on 1.1 miles of Cedar Creek Road, near the State Highway 317 intersection northeast of Temple.

"Both roads were rutted pretty heavily because of the rains we had this year," Macchi said.

Like Gooseneck Road, Macchi said it will not be closed and crews will work around traffic. He said it will take about two weeks to fix Cedar Creek Road.

Both roads are being repaired by a full-depth reclamation process by which cement is mixed with existing materials, "to reconstruct the roads and make them stronger," Macchi said.

The projects will cost between $35,000 and $40,000.

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