FORT HOOD — Hundreds of people lined up around the Clear Creek Main Exchange Wednesday afternoon to catch a glimpse of “Duck Dynasty” cast member Uncle Si Robertson.

Robertson signed copies of his book “Si-cology 1: Tales and Wisdom from Duck Dynasty’s Favorite Uncle” while fans snapped photos.

Jorge Crispin, 6, ruined his perfect school attendance record to meet Robertson. He was wearing one of the trademark “Duck Dynasty” beards, and an American flag bandana wrapped around his head.

He, along with sister Jasmine Crispin, 11, and mom Patricia Crispin, were the first family in line at 8:30 a.m.

“We couldn’t feel our fingers and toes,” Patricia Crispin said of waiting outside in the morning chill, “but it’s worth it.”

Her family watches the show together each week, appreciating the family values the cast exudes.

“He’s down to earth,” she said. “They’re all really good role models.”

Fans of all ages, many decked out in camouflage and “Duck Dynasty” T-shirts, waited patiently for their chance to get close to Robertson.

The bearded star, a Vietnam veteran, walked into the exchange food court to cheers from the crowd, holding his signature Tupperware cup and jug of iced tea.

The line moved quickly as fans had their books signed.

Ashley Wheale, a military spouse, waited in line for about an hour and a half, to get a book signed for her father for Christmas.

“He’s a big fan,” she said. The signing was the perfect gift to surprise her dad with this year.

Waiting outside the shopping center, veteran Scott Roethler could almost be mistaken for a cast member himself, with his long beard and hunting attire. He described how much he likes what the show stands for.

“In today’s society, we’ve had enough negative reality,” he said. “Family values are one of the few things you don’t see on TV anymore.”

As the afternoon wore on, the crowd never waned, and Robertson was left with mementos and well wishes from countless fans.

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