NOLANVILLE — Drivers will run into bumps in the road if traveling along Avenue H, between Main and 10th streets for the next six months.

A road improvement project will close the area to all through traffic until its completion in early August.

At a public forum Tuesday, city officials and project engineers fielded questions and provided the timeline for the $917,200 road improvement project that began Monday.

“If you have property along that route, you will still have access to that property throughout the project,” said John Simcik, a Kasberg, Patrick and Associates consulting engineer. “The only exception is if the contractor is putting in driveway improvements or sidewalk improvements specifically in front of your property.”

Simcik said Lone Star Grading and Materials LLC, the assigned contractors, will be in consistent contact with Avenue H residents, and driveway impediments should not last long.

All other nonresidents will be required to detour around the site, which will involve taking 439 Spur north to eastbound Farm-to-Market 439, which will route cars back onto 10th Street.

The extensive road renovation includes repaving and installing curbing, a gutter, a storm sewer, a sidewalk on the north side of the road, traffic signs and decorative lamp posts all along Avenue H between Main Street and 10th.

The project, which is funded by a $1 million bond approved by the council in 2012, will repair about 1,200 feet of road and 1,500 feet of sidewalk.

Additional repaving is to take place from Avenue H to Mesquite Street, as well as Second, Fourth and Eighth streets.

“The road was in very bad shape and deteriorating quickly, and it’s one of the major thoroughfares into the city,” said Stephen Pearl, Nolanville’s city manager.

The sewers and drainage improvements are a welcome relief, according to Avenue H resident Karen Bean, who was the only resident to raise concerns about her property.

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